Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Figured it out

On Friday I figured out what being a mom is.

I went to the mall and spent around $30. Here's the breakdown:

$21 on clothes for Sherbet. This is turkey's horse. The clothes were from build-a-bear and they didn't fit Sherbet because she is a Webkin. I knew they wouldn't fit and yet, I bought the silly clothes with a smile on my face.
$8-something on a kid's hot chocolate and a venti espresso truffle from Starbucks. Turkey slurped hers down super fast and then asked for some of mine. I gave her just a little in her tiny cup, mind you, this was after she told me she didn't want to share because she didn't want my slobber.

So! In other words, I spent approximately $4 on myself. I went to the mall and spent $4 on me. $4. Wow.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Right now, today, November 7th, I am 24w 1d pregnant and I am terrified.

I am so worried that I am going to be a horrible mother. I am super worried that I am going to lose my sanity. Seriously, I can't even handle a puppy.