Thursday, July 31, 2008

From the very beginning - a very good place to start...

June 2001
I was young.  Not even 20 yet.  I would be starting my junior year of college in the fall, but this June I was beginning a new job.  Wireless, the place to be right?  I knew that morning I was going to training and there would be another new person who would be doing the same job as me in the same store.  I was excited to meet her.  Class began and she was nowhere to be found.    We went around the room and introduced ourselves.  I knew her name so I listened - and no one said that name - she was not there.  I should have judged her for that.  She was late.  About 5 mins later she bounded into the room wearing a sundress, full of excuses as to why she wasn't there on time.  I should have judged her for that.  I should have placed judgement on that sundress.  A little under dressed and a little revealing for a first impression, but whatever.  Some how we hit it off from the start.  She was older than me, married, with a little girl.  She drove a minivan.  We went to lunch with all the people in the class and she talked and talked about how perfect her little life was.  Great, I love happy people.  I am glad to have met this new friend!

Everyday she was there.  Everyday she was happy for me to come to work.  I was only part-time so I was kinda like a 4 hour Soap break for the housewives.  I could talk to her about anything it seemed and she was supportive and excited when she needed to be and sympathetic and full of advice when I needed that.  She was like the best older sister ever.  I could tell her anything and she wouldn't run off and tell Mom and Dad.  I told her all about my awesome boyfriend.  He and I had been dating for about a year and a half at that point.  I loved him so much.  

More later.....


Why is it that I make people uncomfortable?  Why is it that I did nothing wrong and I make people uncomfortable?  He cheated, he lied, he screwed me over - and I make people uncomfortable. 

I got a call today - I was told that I make the soon to be Ex-SIL too uncomfortable to be able to go to a girly pre-wedding party with a group of friends.  

Yesterday I was told I am not to attend the wedding of said bride.  

Why?  Why is it that I am causing so many problems?

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sore Throat.

Today, I have a sore throat.  It makes me really sad.  

Also, today I lost my shit a little.  I need to stop allowing things and people get in the way of what I want.  

I am so tired of hearing Mom say "well, you need to do what you need to do".  WTF does that mean?  Let me tell you - I am not you, we are very similar, but I am not you.  AND, I am absolutely not you 25 years ago when your marriage fell apart due to an affair.  I am not still super attached to him.  As a matter of fact - I am so over his crap if I could I would send him to another planet to be all alone!

He came over today you know....He was all crying and pouty because he had read my twitter account and seen my flickr.  OH well buckaroo!  Oh well, I have found someone to play with who treats me well.  Get over it.  You have no right to be jealous - none what-so-ever.  You CHEATED on my with my BEST FRIEND.  You have no room to speak!

Monday, July 28, 2008

A few days

So, the past few days have been quite an adventure.  Starting Friday - Friday around 330p my new manfriend txts me and says "I thought maybe I would just come there"....I doubted him, but guess what, he showed up.  Holy crap.  Saturday - I went to his place and stayed both Saturday night and Sunday night.  He cooked me dinner and two breakfasts.  He is a good cook.  We watched Food Network and cuddled on the couch and IMHO had a really nice weekend.  I think he agrees.  He said we should do it again....  


Wednesday, July 23, 2008

First Date...

So, yesterday I had a date...It was a long date and it was a really nice time.  There was kissing.  I liked it.  There was cheesecake.  I liked it.  *sigh* We are getting together on Sunday.  More on that later.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Today is sad

Hi All,
I am writing a quick post to say that today will be a sad day.  My college Delta Gamma chapter is officially closing.  We are having a ceremony around 2.  I fear there will be some tears.

Kiss Kiss,

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Oh how time changes....

So, who on earth would think that I could be this happy and this giddy so few days after I decided to end my marriage?  It is amazing.  The difference between me and my attitude and hell, my complexion between last Thursday and today - is insanely wonderful.  

Today is my birthday!  I have a wedding to shoot.  And, the downside is that I do have to see that pesky liar - and his whole family.  Wish me luck!  I know it is going to be ok...I am just a bit nervous.

So, here is the big change in me:  Doing what I want!  It is super not having to worry about what he wants to do or having to alter plans because he is pissy.  What a great time it has been!  


Tuesday, July 15, 2008


How innappropriate is it that I have a crush on someone?  I mean for real, I have been 'single' for all of 5 days.  

Sunday, July 13, 2008

So it begins....

Ok, so here goes nothing.  I can guarantee that this will not be all that entertaining, nor will it be politically or grammatically correct, but it should be something for me to fill my days with.  

My life has changed.  As of July 10th the world as I know it has been altered.  I kicked him out.  I packed his clothes - all but a few hanging shirts that he never wears anyway - and told him to leave.  And, I haven't heard from him since.  

I will try in the next few weeks to tell the whole story - with changed names - so that I can learn from this and maybe others can too.

Kiss Kiss,