Thursday, February 18, 2010


Or lack there of.

I have been at 1cm for 3 weeks. Good grief. Dr Steele said that next week we will strip the membranes. Hopefully that means I will have this baby next weekend. Or before. She asked today how I felt about being induced. I told her I was against it, unless it was totally necessary. She said she won't let me go more than a week over. So, at the very latest - we'll have a baby 2 weeks from tomorrow.

I am so ready to meet her. I am scared to death to be a Mama, but I am ready to meet her! What on earth am I going to do with a baby?? Kiss her. Hold her. Feed her. Watch her sleep. Eat Oreos with her. It's gonna be awesome and horrifying. There will be a lot of praying, I am sure.

For the next week I will be having spicy foods, having sex, walking, and potentially trying some other remedies. Bumpy car ride anyone? Prince C is going to get me some Evening Primrose Oil. Maybe even some Raspberry Leaf tea. I really don't want to resort to the Castor Oil, but I might have to, ew.

I am still working. Better to work than to just sit around at home. I haven't gotten the nesting urge yet. Part of me wonders if I will. I would like the house to be clean, but I also know that with a 5 year old - that is a very difficult thing and I am not sure how I would handle cleaning and then having the turkey make a big mess of it all..... I think I would cry like a baby, then have a breakdown, and perhaps call the hospital and schedule a c-section. And who wants that??

I am still hoping to get this baby born naturally. OR as naturally as possible. I may very well be a wimp and beg for mercy, but I hope not. I want to be a champion and kick this whole labor thing's booty. I want to breathe and visualize and hold on to my husband all the way through this thing. I am confident that he will be amazing. He has been so far. My wonderful husband, my prince charming, he's gonna help me do this.


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