Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bucket list #21

I want to have sex in the one way glass bathroom. Noisy, raunchy, sweaty sex...

Then I would press my bare boobs against the wall and take a picture of the person waiting in line to come in next staring at nothing....but it would look like they were staring at my boobs!  Ha!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bucket List 11-20: Things to see

11.  Elton John
12.  Paul McCartney or Ringo...both?  too much to ask?
13.  Liverpool
14.  Mt Rushmore
15.  The President.  I saw George W - I want more President.
16.  I would kinda like C and I to meet our Namesake... lol
17.  Whales
18.  Sea Turtles
19.  My Mama holding her grandbabies.
20. A giant diamond on my be passed down to a grandchild.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Bucket List 1-10: Places to go

1.  New Zealand
2.  New York City
3.  British Columbia
4.  South Africa
5.  Greece
6.  Italy
7.  Ireland
8.  Washington DC
Old Places to take my love:
9.  San Francisco
10.  The Grand Canyon and Sedona

More tomorrow - Bucket List 1 - 10:  Things to see.


Friday, May 22, 2009

10 about today and 2 about tomorrow

10.  We planted 2 lilac bushes.  We'll plant the other one tomorrow.
9.  I went to 2 goodwill stores.
8.  I visited 2 Lowe's stores today.
7.  We ate Captain D's.
6.  We finally watched the Criminal Minds that Rick Dunkle wrote.  Rick and I went to High School and College together.  That is cool.
5.  It was warm today.  I love the spring and summer - when it's warm but not humid.  It's rare...but it happens.  Tomorrow we are going to enjoy another day like today.
4.  I love Kentucky.  
3.  I love him.  And that wild girl too.
2.  She has been extra sassy today.
1.  Today has been a great day.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Bad Puppies!

My dogs ate a nest of baby rabbits tonight.  :(

We got home from Clinton's and I let them into the backyard...They attacked a bunch of baby, teenie, sweet, baby, rabbits.  I am so mad at them.  Not only because they killed those babies, but, because I am sure they are going to be so so sick from actually ingesting them.  Gross.


The Kentucky Derby

Yesterday was the 135th Kentucky Derby.  

Mine that Bird was the winning horse.  This horse's odds were 51-1.  Can you even imagine being one of those lucky bidders?!?  The SuperFecta ticket would have paid $557, 000.  

I would have loved to been on top of my game and bid.  Calvin Borel is the jockey who rode Mine that Bird to victory....Borel also rode Street Sense to a win in the Derby last year.  I remember seeing a story about him on ESPN last year and really enjoying his personality.    Maybe I should just bid on him when he's riding.

Happy Bidding next year!



Have I mentioned lately that I hate SpongeBob?  Well I do, I really really hate SpongeBob!  

AND!  I try not to use the word HATE very often but really! SPONGEBOB SUCKS!

I hate that SpongeBob because:
  • they say stupid
  • the good guy gets blamed for the bad guy's actions
  • he is obnoxious
Children should not be allowed to watch this horrible show.  It's awful.