Saturday, December 26, 2009


This year we had a wonderful Christmas. Nothing big, nothing fancy.

Christmas morning, Prince C and I woke up and ate Santa's brownies for breakfast. Then! We opened presents. I got some awesome pjs, wool socks, and some new work shoes. I got him 3 books that he wanted and a $50 gift card to Ruth's Chris.

I am a bad present giver.


Friday, December 4, 2009

Christmas List 2009

1. Bones Season 4 on dvd
2. Wool Socks
3. A Starbucks gift card
4. A Chipotle gift card
5. Oreos
7. Bumbo - In Lime or Yellow


Bad Blogger 2

I have been a terrible blogger again! I need to work on that bad behavior.

Here are a few updates:

10. I started my new job. I seem to have pretty nice co-workers. Thank Goodness.
9. Christmas is coming very soon!
8. My baby is getting bigger and bigger. About 2.25- 2.5 lbs now!
7. I need to make a list for Santa.
6. I made a Blurb book filled with wedding photos. I ordered 10 copies. I pray they turn out nicely. No returns!
5. Five is my favorite number
4. Turkey Bird has been unusually weepy lately. Not sure what the story is there - but she cries all the time.
3. On Wednesday Prince C and I bought a new down comforter at Brookstone. It's awesome.
2. I wonder why men are so obsessed with sex. I ask this while watching Bones. They are talking about "Pitching their Tents" with multiple women v. only one.
1. I want to play some golf. Drink Bourbon. Eat Sushi. 3 more months people. 3 more months.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Figured it out

On Friday I figured out what being a mom is.

I went to the mall and spent around $30. Here's the breakdown:

$21 on clothes for Sherbet. This is turkey's horse. The clothes were from build-a-bear and they didn't fit Sherbet because she is a Webkin. I knew they wouldn't fit and yet, I bought the silly clothes with a smile on my face.
$8-something on a kid's hot chocolate and a venti espresso truffle from Starbucks. Turkey slurped hers down super fast and then asked for some of mine. I gave her just a little in her tiny cup, mind you, this was after she told me she didn't want to share because she didn't want my slobber.

So! In other words, I spent approximately $4 on myself. I went to the mall and spent $4 on me. $4. Wow.


Saturday, November 7, 2009


Right now, today, November 7th, I am 24w 1d pregnant and I am terrified.

I am so worried that I am going to be a horrible mother. I am super worried that I am going to lose my sanity. Seriously, I can't even handle a puppy.


Saturday, October 31, 2009

Fall-o-ween in Midway

Today I went to Midway, KY for about an hour and wandered in and out of shops and took some photos. Here is what I saw:

My reflection. 23 weeks pregnant. It's a girl by the way.
A pretty leaf covered sidewalk.

A gate and a pretty fall painted tree.

A moss covered brick wall and another fall colored tree.

The Midway post office.

A cute front porch.


Tuesday, October 13, 2009

10 on Tuesday: Excitement!

10. I'm getting married in 11 days
9. I find out what kind of baby I am having in 9 days
8. The next 9 days are going to fly by - work a couple days, work in Michigan for 7 days, then MARRIED!
7. Still need to get flowers and figure out the cake situation
6. The baby is kicking more and more everyday
5. Prince C got to feel the baby kick a couple times this past weekend. Hopefully he will again before I leave for Michigan, did I mention that is for a whole week??
4. We saw a baby English Bulldog Puppy this weekend
3. We decided we want an Olde English Bulldogge. They are the original, slightly larger, live longer, and most importantly to us poor folk - they are cheaper.
2. Fingers crossed for nice weather on the 24th!
1. I can't wait to marry my best friend.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

100 Reasons

I am following in the footsteps of my dear sweet Prince. For those who haven't see his, click here.

Oh, honey I love you. Let me count the silly ways...

100. Your brown eyes. They are the most beautiful shade of brown I've ever seen.
99. Your blue boxers. I don't know why, but they make me smile.
98. Your hands and feet. I love that they are better looking than mine.
97. The way you love me. Fully and delightfully.
96. Our baby. I never knew I could be this happy.
95. Castle and Lie to Me - they are our shows. Shows we haven't shared with other people, just each other.
94. Food Network. And our mutual disgust for the $10 meals show. Liars.
93. Turkey. That girl. She drives me crazy and makes me so happy in the same millisecond.
92. a sensible car
91. letting me eat as many fudge rounds as I want
90. tolerating the barking.
89. Blue or Green towels?
88. Our mutual inability to put away clean, folded laundry.
87. Your feet and how they match turkey's or her's match yours....however that works! I hope Amigo has them too.
86. those exchanged pictures from right after our first date.
85. Saying hello and kissing on our first date.
84. The way you call me babydoll and kitten.
83. waking up at the same time when we're together and smiling at each other first thing.
82. New Year's 09. Hello, welcome....
81. our ability to enjoy doing nothing with no one and be perfectly happy
80. laughing at toots.
79. My absolutely stunning engagement ring and proposal. You did such a good job!
78. Your understanding that I have to make my job and this distance work.
77. Our sheets
76. Good mornings and good nights
75. Showers
74. being able to make you laugh
73. the way you nibble on me
72. Today you said you have to gobble me up before I am gone for a whole week... I love that.
71. You make my dreams come true
70. You don't think I am too crazy
69. hmmmm....
68. I like how you wash behind your ears
67. You help me rinse my hair in the shower
66. our house has the softest towels
65. I love you because you get angry for me when I don't.
64. You let me be helpless. You get me water, fudge rounds, oreos, etc anytime I ask.
63. The sweet gestures. A clean house, flowers, cards, all of it.
62. How you pretend with that little girl.
61. your crazy tattoo tee shirts. Especially the reversible ones.
60. cooking dinner together
59. your naughtiness
58. all the touching
57. I stalked you. And you liked me back!
56. you think I am cute in comfy clothes.
55. Pad Thai
54. How we usually laugh at the same things
53. All the silly songs on your ipod
51. going to the lake with you
50. sushi with you is better
49. That night with all the wine
48. I get to move in!!
47. Being iced in
46. feeling comfortable to talk to you about everything
45. jeep wranglers. silly.
44. Sending me flowers at work
43. hearing all of your stories
42. getting married in 2 weeks!
41. bbm. I hope we still bbm a lot once I live here.
40. how we fit perfectly on the couch together.
39. Your tee shirt collection....all bazillion of them - and the fact that you are willing to give some of them up to give me closet space.
38. twitter.
39. you started a blog for us
37. how we have been non-stop since our first text message was exchanged
36. That trip to have mexican food on our 2nd date
35. your cockiness
34. how it seems like I know everything about you and then I'll learn something you despise Vegas Vacation...Who knew?
33. Your love for my crazy family
32. Our dreams of traveling the world
31. You're going to teach me to shoot a bow
30. All those dead animals in the house
29. how you laugh along when I have bad ideas
28. your acceptance of my vegetarianism, even though you're a die hard meat eater
27. the way we have fun doing nothing
26. how I can't seem to get enough of you
25. how I miss you the instant that we're apart
24. you always accept my apologies
23. and a lot of times tell me not to apologize
22. you are letting me plan our wedding any way I want
21. your family is awesome
20. how your past has created the man you are just like mine has created the woman I am
19. you think I am beautiful all the time
18. we are willing to try new things jumping out of airplanes!
17. the beautiful necklace you gave me for Christmas, when we were supposed to be "being cheap"
16. you keep me warm
15. you let me nap
14. you let me go to bed early
13. you don't holler at me when I don't flush...I don't because it's loud in the middle of the night...and because I have to make it stop running everytime...and it saves water!
12. all the junk food you buy
11. I love that you aren't afraid of the changes that might come when I move in.
10. I love you because you are you. And I am me. We were meant to be together.
9. I love that we both agree that we were blessed to find each other
8. Drinking red wine with you. I can't wait to do that again after we have this baby!
7. Going places and showing you off...because you are handsome AND sweet.
6. lazy times together
5. just driving around to see if anything looks fun. we did that our first weekend together and again many times since...usually nothing looks fun and we just go back home and cuddle.
4. Have I mentioned the cuddling?
3. Kissing you. You are amazing at it.
2. Sharing hugs. Our bodies fit perfectly together.
1. Because you are perfect for me!

I cannot wait to spend everyday of the rest of my life with you. Who knew, in a million years that a chance email via facebook would lead to finding the love of my life, the man God made just for me? Prince C, I am so blessed to have you and I love you so much. I never knew happiness until I knew you - and it just keeps getting better. I cannot wait to see our family many kids are we having?


10 on Tuesday Wedding Edition

10. The wedding is 24 days away!
9. I need to rent the linens and the dishes.
8. On payday - Friday, I am buying my dress. It's blue.
7. I have to go to Michigan on the 15th for work. I will return on the 21st - so I have to make sure almost all the loose ends are tied up by the 15th.
6. I can't wait to marry Prince C
5. Turkey is pretty pumped. I need to make her veil. I have bought her a necklace, earrings, and gloves....
4. Turkey and I went to Louisville and bought a new GP puppy for my grandpa last weekend. I hope he brings it to the wedding!
3. I have really cute shoes to wear!
2. I need to make paper pom-poms
1. How am I going to get all this done?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adult Fraternity Parties

Have you ever noticed how out of town meetings for work are almost like parties at the TKE house when you were in college?

Today I was in a 12 hour meeting. The meeting was informative and beneficial. And then came the booze. Yikes.

I just ate dinner with around 200 drunk people. A whole bunch of people who were away from their spouses and children so they acted (and still are) like fools. If I wasn't pregnant and could have had a couple glasses of wine I would have stayed and reported back on the madness. I am quite certain several bad decisions will be made tonight.

Apparently there was at least one made last night...Here is my reasoning: During the guest speaker's presentation he got warm and took off his jacket. He said "I'm just going to take a layer off" and then he nodded toward a gal in the crowd and said "you feel free too do it too". In a normal situation this would just be a normal ha ha BUT this gal happens to be the town tramp...she doesn't appear to be (ie she doesn't dress like a hooker AND she has a wedding ring) but she frequently makes bad choices on business trips... yikes.

Another reason out of town business meetings are like fraternity parties is because people dresses just a little beyond business professional. In other words, the girls from the office who would normally be in slouchy pants, shirts buttoned all the way up, little makeup, and a ponytail all of the sudden transform into supermodel fashionistas. Pants too tight, heels too high, and shirts cut too low.

Here is a list of the things I saw today:
  • fingernails that were 2 inches (at least) past the fingertip
  • hair that matched the outfit - maroon top/black pants and two-tone hair of the same color
  • black fingernails and too much eye makeup
  • green shirt, purple tie, grey pants (hideous) BUT he did have matching shoes and belt and the shoes were very stylish and professional
  • a heavy girl with a shaved head
  • a crazy tie - reminded me of a brightly colored track suit from the early 90s
  • lots of professionally dressed men and lots of women flirting their behinds off....
So, you ask...what was I wearing? A plain black suit, green mock turtleneck with a tie in the back, and plain black pumps. The only thing out of the ordinary I did was freshen my makeup before dinner AND the only reason I did that is because of the 13 year old boy who has taken over my face and given me lots of beautiful zits.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving around.

Not out. Sad.

Tonight I had a moving around party. Rachel and Jeff and Helen came over along with my parents to help move my room into another room. My roommate moves in this weekend! Yay! It should be very fun to have another body here on most days so that I don't have to only talk to the cats. She's fairly sparse on weekdays and I am never here on weekends so I think this will be a nice match.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Ready for this Wedding Thing

Holy Cow! We are in the homestretch.

We have tables, we have a webpage (based in Dayton, OH) to rent the linens, a place to rent the tableware from, I have bought some decor for the tables. Shew. That is a good start.

Ella picked out her dress.

I have booked rooms at 2 Bed and Breakfasts. Here and Here. I can't wait.

Last Thursday Prince C and I met with Mark the Preacher. I adore him! I wish he preached at a church close to us. He assigned us to look at our credos at work and rewrite them to focus on our marriage. I am nervous about this. I don't know why...I know it will end up fine, I just don't want to look stupid.

I need to work on music: walking down the aisle, unity candle, end of ceremony celebration... I also kinda want to sing a couple hymns after the ceremony. Thoughts? Anyone? Crickets.

This week I am heading to Chicago. While I am there I plan to pick up fun fabric for the photo "booth" - I need to figure out how to set that up.

I need to find a cake stand.

The End.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It could be worse

well, it seems like every day I lose hope, a little here - a little there. I eat more. I work more. I'm more and more depressed.

Yesterday I grew a huge set of man balls. I emailed my superiors and asked to have my desk location moved from Depressing to Perfect. I felt energized, I felt like even if I failed it would be fine because I tried, I felt good. Today, the ceiling came crashing down. One of my superiors called me, one of the ones that I have never met and who - if they walked into my cubby I would honestly say: Who are you and why the h-e-double hockey sticks are you in my cubby? She called and said, we have discussed this and we can't do it. The End.

Now, after 8 years with the same company I am feeling like my career is going down the tubes and my college education is a waste.

Spinning out of control.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Erin and Wyatt's Bridal Sneak Peek

Last week - almost 2 months after their wedding we finally got our schedules to mesh and we took some Bridal pictures.

Here is a sneak peek:
PS - I am not sure why these all look grainy. The aren't in real life. Promise.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don't call me "Crazy" in my house!

Geez, how to write this post? I need to vent about a situation, but it is just going to make me sound like a crazy, hormonal, pregnant girl...oh well, I do what I've gotta do for entertainment's sake.

>There are lots of exclaimation points.
>I am a crazy person.
>I hate bridal showers and baby showers....unless they are for my very closest close friends and, AND, they are super duper into it. I will play along....but I don't play along for myself, I do it for them.
>I am all for having a shower. One where everyone comes and they talk about having babies and loving babies and we eat delicious cake. A party were everyone enjoys themselves and there are no crazy games, over the top gifts, or fakey fakeness.

OK, on to the story.

So, last week I had a few friends over. 4 of them and their 2 kids. None of these things is a problem...I love babies and I love my friends and their husbands. I love happy people.

Fail #1: One of the wives sent her husband out to get beer. BEER! In a pregnant girl's house, a pregnant girl who loves beer, a pregnant girl who wasn't asked if it was OK to have beer in her house while she was pregnant. NOT OK. Please ask. If you are going to bring alcohol into my home, with your newborn child present, ask!! I have a huge issue with this. Then said husband asked me if I wanted a beer, um, no, I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. Wow. Now, yes, bestie's husband was also partaking in the beer that was purchased....but, he is practically related and I am around him all the time so he is cleared. AND, he wouldn't have purchased it and brought it to my house without asking permission. This is MY house.

Fail #2: Out of town friend (OOTF) said "Don't worry, you won't look pregnant on your wedding day, Just FAT." It was said in a way that makes me think that she honestly thought that was an OK thing to say. Then, she goes on about me wearing a non-traditional wedding dress - "Why don't you get a maternity dress?"... me: "Have you ever, EVER shopped for a maternity wedding dress? HIDEOUS."

Fail #3: OOTF asked to use my laptop. OK, no problem right? Yeah...except it was like 10pm and she proceeded to be online, and hour and a half! It is one thing to check an email or two, hop on facebook, and be done... Wham bam thank you ma'am... But, for real. It was uncool and it, in turn caused me to loose my cool shortly after.

Fail #4, #5, #6 etc (it's a coversation - try to follow me):
OOTF: Have you been to Buy Buy Baby?
Frootie!: Um, no.
OOTF: Why not?!?!? You are so missing out!!
Frootie!: Well, because I am only 14 weeks pregnant and....
OOTF: Oh, so you don't want to jinx it, I understand.
Frootie!: *steam coming from my ears* No, actually it is because I am too poor. I don't have the money to go into that place and get overwhelmed.
OOTF: Well, that is when you get to go crazy with 'the gun'.
Frootie!: Oh, no. That is not my style.
Frootie!: I don't want other people buying me things. I hate showers I don't want one. I am just not a fan of inviting people over to beg for gifts and then have to open them in front of said people and....OH MY GOD it is 11:30 at night. Why are we going into this? It is an hour and a half past my bedtime!!!! Please leave.
OOTF to bestie: She's crazy.

Now, I am totally irritated at myself for losing my cool like that, but, I had been saying all night that I had a big day at work the next day and I was yawning and it was just terrible. I honestly considered saying, "well, I'm going to bed now - let yourselves out". On the other hand, I am terribly sorry for losing my cool on OOTF - but we are all adults and she knew better. She was on vacation. I was not.


PS - all this whining is on behalf of OOTF and Husband - bestie and husband - no harm no foul. They did what they were supposed to do, i.e. Not leave me alone with OOTF because there may have been blood.

Saturday, August 29, 2009

There's an alien in there!

Last week Prince C and I got to spend a whole hour with our baby. We had our Nuchal Translucency Ultrasound. This is the one during your first trimester where the technician measures the folds on the back of the baby's neck to test for Downs possibility. Anyway, that was perfectly fine and that baby was snoozing for about 45 mins. Baby Amigo would wake up and look directly at the wand and then go back to snoozing. Finally, Amigo flipped over onto it's back and popped it's thumb into it's mouth. SO CUTE!

Here's the Alien:

And, here's proof that it's a thumb sucker:

And here is a picture of my belly at 13w5d (yes, I am in my underwear...ignore that):


Sunday, August 23, 2009


The cute boy and I are heading to Atlanta on Tuesday. I hope we have a lovely time, even with it being a super quick trip. We have an ultrasound on Tuesday early afternoon and then we are heading south. More later.


Saturday, August 22, 2009

A couple pictures

I thought I ought to post a couple of pictures of my favorite things.

Here are the best things Prince C has ever given just keeps getting better!

Here is my ring! It's a cushion cut people. Cushion!

And here's the bloated belly! I am 12 weeks in this picture...and I am not wearing pants. Get over that fact. Sorry. I am also standing on the end of the bed shooting into a mirror - so it isn't all that beautiful...but that is how it goes!

I have never been happier in my life! We have another ultrasound on Tuesday - I will put up some photos then. Yay!


Sunday, August 16, 2009

So, now you know

So, now you know we are pregnant.

C and I are so very thrilled - so if you have any other thoughts than well wishes- get out.

Right now I am currently 12w and 4d along. I am having a really great pregnancy so far. Everyday except yesterday. Yesterday I super nauseous all day and actually ended up getting sick. ew.

Yay for baby Amigo.


Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I have had the coolest week!

This week has been so amazing!

See previous post to read the vague details about Wednesday and Thursday.... Then Friday!

Yesterday I worked all day - well sort of all day...I left at about 230p since I had worked an event Thursday night until 730p....Anywho, I went to my house and cleaned a bit then headed home to Kentucky. On the drive I called a few girlfriends and also Prince C's Mama to chat. I was going over with all of them how great my week had been. Laughing, I'm sure, Queen Mama knew exactly what was coming!

When I arrived in Lexington, Prince C and I just met at the movie theatre. The movie started at 740p and I didn't want to be late. We scarfed down dinner (taco bell) in the car and walked to the ticket window. "SOLD OUT". Well, needless to say I am a total whiner and was really upset that the night hadn't worked out as planned. We went home. I was still pouty.

We changed into comfy clothes, started some laundry, and settled in for a night of food network dvr. I was fiddling with my computer and C was doing the same. He has been talking for several weeks about starting his own blog. I have told him over and over that he is welcome to write on mine - but no, he wanted his own. So...he said he was completing his maiden post. Once he finished, he said "ok, it's posted - go read it".

C had been prepping me for this proposal - yes, I said proposal - for a while. Little did I know said blog was for diamond giving. Here's the link. It'll divulge a lot of info....


Thursday, August 13, 2009

I had the coolest day yesterday

It involved:

  • kicking
  • punching
  • thumping
  • tears
  • giggles
  • hand squeezes
  • Mexican food

How fun!

Then today I got to eat some of this:

And look at this from 36 stories up:


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So irritated.

I cannot even begin to write a happy sappy new post about my love and my delightful life. I am so irritated these days. My job is seriously rubbing me the wrong way, it seems like all I am doing right now is waiting, then I come home from work to be with no one.

I love my dogs, I love my cats, I love my life...but all of it is annoying.

I have watched Meet Joe Black at least 20 times in the last 2 weeks and today I moved to The Family Stone. I will watch it 20 times too.

It's only 921p and it's almost dark. That means it'll be winter before I know it. I am just not a fan of getting up and going to work in the dark and returning from work in the dark. I am not a fan of seasonal depression.

Next week should be a big week. I am taking a day off and I have a doctor's appointment. Maybe she can cure the insufferable irritability and annoyance.

I am supposed to be putting the house on the market on Friday - but I haven't done shit. It feels like a bottomless pit. I need help and I don't have it. I need to move some things to the curb from the garage, but I can't lift heavy stuff.

On a slightly lighter note, I made watermelon lemonade and vegan meatball soup tonight. Both were good. I also worked on my craft room. Maybe tomorrow I can work more on that and feel some sense of accomplishment.


Tuesday, August 4, 2009

getting ready to sell the house

Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a big ol' house ready to give over to a realtor? Do you have any idea how hard it is to do it with no help? Jeepers, it's tough.

Add in 2 huge dogs, one who is mentally retarded and 3 cats, all of which are super furry and sheddy....Oh my God.

What a delight.


Monday, July 27, 2009

So Tired

I am so tired. I need a serious vacation where I don't have to do anything. I mean it. Nothing. Not a single thing. I can sleep as late as I want and once I get up I can wander down to the buffet and eat some fresh fruit for lunch.

I want no cell phones, no work, no television, no internet.

It would be awesome.


Soon But Not Soon Enough

When will Daddy be home? asks the princess.

Soon, but not soon enough.


Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Birthday List 10 on Tuesday

My Birthday is Sunday. Here is my list. Feel free to send me a gift! ha ha

1. Golf Bag with Legs. Nothing pricey. Like this one.
2. My favorite perfume. I'm out and I miss smelling fabulous. Stella by Stella McCartney.
3. Dexter on DVD. Season Two and Season Three.
4. Starbucks gift card. For my Iced Green Tea addiction.
5. Stamps. Postage stamps. The Forever ones.
6. Epoxy for my garage floor.
7. A Car Detail. You just want to come here and do it for me? No?
8. An English Bulldog puppy named Princess.
9. Lunch at Palomino.
10. Kisses from the super cute boy.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Bones is my favorite show. Ever.
The End.


Tuesday, July 7, 2009

When none would be good.

Sometimes nothing is better than anything.


Sunday, July 5, 2009

4th of July

Cancelling the fireworks on the Fourth of July should be against the law.

Erin and Wyatt didn't cancel their wedding! We held it outside and toughed it out in the rain. It was lovely.
Here are the bride and groom laughing after the kiss. The bride's niece said "bow chica bow wow" while they were kissing. So cute!
The wedding was sweet and I just adore the Bride and Groom. I am hoping to convince them to do another Bridal shoot on a beautiful day after their honeymoon. They will be tanned and refreshed and perfect. Just like their rainy wedding day.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Bucket list 22-26

Bucket List:

22. Try Escargot
23. Take C to Ruth's Chris for a special dinner
24. Have his parents and my parents together for dinner
25. Make a wedding cake
26. Get enough freelance photography work to call it a second job. Speaking of that - anyone need pictures taken?


Happy 4th of July (tomorrow)

Happy 4th!

I have a wedding to shoot tomorrow - I can't wait!

Tonight the cute boy aka C will be here around 730p. I can't wait!

Right about now - I need to drive to Greenwood for a Maggie Moo's Banana Milkshake. I can't wait!


Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Bad Blogger

I have approximately 1 minute to post...

I am a bad blogger right now. I promise I will get better. I have news to share at a later date...not now. Don't hold your breath. It's gonna be a while before I have time.

Something to think on: Things happen like clockwork...until they don't. Discuss.


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pavilion Party

So, I booked the Highbridge Pavilion for a party on October 24th.

The party plans so far:
-chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and maroon flags with hearts
-chocolate chip cookies
-Mt. Dew cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
-grandma cookies
-Sparkling water, champagne, and sprite with raspberries in the bottom of the glasses
-Iced Water and delicious punch (Kelly's recipe)
-paper lanterns with battery flicker candles
-ball jars with wild flowers
-mismatched brightly colored tablecloths
-family and friends
-sunday best dressed ladies and gentlemen
-foofy hair decorations
-a photobooth

And much, much more! Who wants to come?


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

I'd Rather be with You

You're the one thing that I'm missing here.  With you beside me I no longer fear.

Oh, Joshua Radin, how I love make perfect music for me and my love.

I'd rather be with you, say you want the same thing too, say you feel the way I do.


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

bucket list #21

I want to have sex in the one way glass bathroom. Noisy, raunchy, sweaty sex...

Then I would press my bare boobs against the wall and take a picture of the person waiting in line to come in next staring at nothing....but it would look like they were staring at my boobs!  Ha!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Bucket List 11-20: Things to see

11.  Elton John
12.  Paul McCartney or Ringo...both?  too much to ask?
13.  Liverpool
14.  Mt Rushmore
15.  The President.  I saw George W - I want more President.
16.  I would kinda like C and I to meet our Namesake... lol
17.  Whales
18.  Sea Turtles
19.  My Mama holding her grandbabies.
20. A giant diamond on my be passed down to a grandchild.


Monday, May 25, 2009

Bucket List 1-10: Places to go

1.  New Zealand
2.  New York City
3.  British Columbia
4.  South Africa
5.  Greece
6.  Italy
7.  Ireland
8.  Washington DC
Old Places to take my love:
9.  San Francisco
10.  The Grand Canyon and Sedona

More tomorrow - Bucket List 1 - 10:  Things to see.


Friday, May 22, 2009

10 about today and 2 about tomorrow

10.  We planted 2 lilac bushes.  We'll plant the other one tomorrow.
9.  I went to 2 goodwill stores.
8.  I visited 2 Lowe's stores today.
7.  We ate Captain D's.
6.  We finally watched the Criminal Minds that Rick Dunkle wrote.  Rick and I went to High School and College together.  That is cool.
5.  It was warm today.  I love the spring and summer - when it's warm but not humid.  It's rare...but it happens.  Tomorrow we are going to enjoy another day like today.
4.  I love Kentucky.  
3.  I love him.  And that wild girl too.
2.  She has been extra sassy today.
1.  Today has been a great day.


Sunday, May 3, 2009

Bad Bad Puppies!

My dogs ate a nest of baby rabbits tonight.  :(

We got home from Clinton's and I let them into the backyard...They attacked a bunch of baby, teenie, sweet, baby, rabbits.  I am so mad at them.  Not only because they killed those babies, but, because I am sure they are going to be so so sick from actually ingesting them.  Gross.


The Kentucky Derby

Yesterday was the 135th Kentucky Derby.  

Mine that Bird was the winning horse.  This horse's odds were 51-1.  Can you even imagine being one of those lucky bidders?!?  The SuperFecta ticket would have paid $557, 000.  

I would have loved to been on top of my game and bid.  Calvin Borel is the jockey who rode Mine that Bird to victory....Borel also rode Street Sense to a win in the Derby last year.  I remember seeing a story about him on ESPN last year and really enjoying his personality.    Maybe I should just bid on him when he's riding.

Happy Bidding next year!



Have I mentioned lately that I hate SpongeBob?  Well I do, I really really hate SpongeBob!  

AND!  I try not to use the word HATE very often but really! SPONGEBOB SUCKS!

I hate that SpongeBob because:
  • they say stupid
  • the good guy gets blamed for the bad guy's actions
  • he is obnoxious
Children should not be allowed to watch this horrible show.  It's awful.


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday - Michigan Edition

I am in Michigan for work this week.  Here are my 10 random thoughts.

10.  C is keeping the dogs for me.  I hope it isn't a deal breaker.
9.  I have tv this week!  Holy crap.  Yesterday I watched House and some show I've never seen before. This morning I watched the today show!!!  and tonight I am watching Sydney White on HBO Family.  
8.  My boss is a hugger.  There was some concern that I may have attack hugged her last time I was here.
7.  I wish I had brought my swimsuit for hot tub time.  But, alas.
6.  I hope to get up at least once to eat free breakfast here at the hotel. Hopefully they have good coffee!
5.  I bought a totally unnecessary magazine on Monday.  Real Simple Weddings 2009.  Bad Bad girl.
4.  I went to IKEA today.  It was a really fun trip.  I got to wander around and look at everything I wanted.
3.  I am trying to drink lots of water this week....  And then White Castle has Wild Cherry Fanta Slushies.  Why, White Castle, Why?
2.  I have a king size bed at the hotel.  woohoo!  Too bad I am alone.
1.  I Love Him.


Thursday, April 23, 2009

17 again

This week has been a rough one, but, it was greatly improved last night. I went to see 17 Again. It was lovely.

The girls and I rushed into the theatre late...ha was empty. Apparently no real need to rush. We picked out the best seats in the house and got to watching.

The first few minutes of the movie were pretty dang cheesy. I was worried that my $9.50 was going to be a total waste. But, it quickly got better. Once Matthew Perry turned into that cute kid from high school musical - we were golden.

The movie made me have some genuine laughs and some uncomfortable feelings and some warm fuzzies. There were lots of funny lines and that HSM kid well, I guess he's cute.*

All in all I loved the movie. It's one I will definitely buy when it's on dvd.


* I thought the kid was cute in this movie. Usually, he's hideous because he has too much product in his hair and gross clothing and makeup on.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Luckiest Girl(s) Ever

Long ago in a far away land there was a lovely princess named Raquel.  Raquel was not a typical princessy-princess with the pink and the sparkles and the glass slippers, but she was a princess nonetheless.  She was blessed with the best prince ever, his name was Jefe.  

Her friend Frootie! wasn't sure at first.  She had a hard time liking this prince.  He was too sweet, too nice, and too nerdy.  He was smart and clever and funny.  Seriously...there HAD to be something wrong with him.    One day Raquel told Frootie! that she and Jefe had broken up.  Frootie! was delighted.  She couldn't be happier that this smart, clever, and funny prince was O-U-T.  

You see, Frootie!  was in a relationship.  One from high school - all thru college - and well, in general a real marathon of a relationship - it had long since gone stale.  She had no idea that what you want in a Prince is someone who makes you laugh by being funny, not rude.  Someone who genuinely cares for others, who she could grow old with and sit with on the porch of the castle and look out over her kingdom with.  This was not what she had - so she assumed that those who did were wrong, and probably retarded.  

Well, as it turns out Raquel knew that Jefe was the one.  She just needed a little time away from him to realize that her life was much better with him around.  In order to rush thru to the "Happily Ever After" part - long story short Raquel and Jefe were married in a beautiful ceremony in October of 2006 and they did just that.  They now have a lovely little baby Princess named Heleena and have just purchased their very own castle with a kingdom to look out over.  *sigh*

Frootie! also came to her senses and began to understand the appeal to Jefe.  He was funny.  He was just a wonderful man to have around, always willing to help or to lend an ear or to send some merriment to those in need.  Frootie! realized that Raquel was right...and Frootie! was wrong, and probably retarded.

Now, on to another "once upon a time" situation -- Not so long ago and not so far away, ahem, in reality about 8 months ago and right exactly where Frootie! sits her prince charming came along.  Has she ever told the story of how she met her prince?  (Gosh, she'll have to check the archives....Ha!  She never has...).  Last summer Frootie! made a trip south.  A trip all the way down to Georgia to see two lovely people get married.  Little did she know at the time - her prince charming was the Best Man at the wedding.  Best Man, is the perfect definition for him.  C, oh how I adore thee.  C and Frootie! were introduced at the wedding and that is where their happily ever after began. 

Prince C and Princess Frootie!'s love grew very fast.  Frootie! knew that he was the one very very quickly.  She also knew that he could very easily break her royal heart.  She tried to play it cool.  It didn't work.  After a date and a few weekends together she was hooked.  He had worked his magic on her.  He was sweet.  He said good morning every morning via text.  The first weekend they spent together he was the perfect gentleman.  He cooked her breakfast.  He let her use the remote.  He held her while she slept.  Frootie! knew that she was in love with him when she realized she never ever had to be someone that she wasn't.  He made her laugh.  And, he reads.  He loves to read just like she does.   They are perfect for each other.  It is natural and easy for them when they are together.  It is true love.  

Princess Frootie! and Princess Turkey are the luckiest girls to have Prince C as their very own.  He is the best and most perfect boyfriend and daddy any girl could ask for.  Queen Raquel and Princessa Heleena are on the same royal ship.  King Jefe is pretty damn amazing, too.  Lucky, lucky ladies.

I wish everyone could know the love that we 4 girls know.  


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a hug and a hello

Last week I was bbm-ing with C. We do this everyday, pretty much all day because we are so far from each other and we need constant contact and constant reminders of how hot we are/how much we want to ravage each other's bodies. True story.

Anyway, last week he was talking about how much he missed me and he went on to describe how he wanted me to greet him on Friday evening. I won't divulge the dirty details, but let me just say: it wasn't anything you would want your mother to see...I will doctor it a bit for the sake of story telling.

C: OMG when I see you I can't wait to get my hands all over you. I want to kiss and bite your neck and maybe even motorboat you a bit.

Frootie!: C! We are going to be at you mother's house for Easter!

C: I don't care! I want you, I need you, oh baby, oh baby.*

Frootie!: How about a hug and a hello? That would be nice.
C: A mouth hug?

Oh Geez!


*Bonus points if you can name the movie.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cable Free

Being cable free is really pretty awesome.  I watch television a lot.  Well, watched, now I only watch tv at C's on the weekend and very rarely I turn on the tv in the bedroom to check the weather while I am getting ready in the morning.  My house is quieter and I have to use my imagination more.  This leads to several things:
  • More (than usual) dirty, dirty sex thoughts
  • Overuse of bbm on my crackberry
  • Too much facebook
  • Too much blog stalking of awesome photographers like:  Jessica Claire, Micheal Norwood, Victor Sizemore, Erin Cobb, Angela Crutcher, and Melissa ?.
  • Lots of day dreaming and talking inside my planning, baby planning, going on and on and on about the future and how much I can't wait to be in Kentucky for the rest of my life with the man that I love...
Oh well...  that is all on this topic for now.  

I have finally broken free of the block.  Thanks to C and his random bbms - I have a few new ideas!


Monday, April 6, 2009


I have really had a mental block lately.  I can't write anything.  I apologize - to those few people who follow.  I will get back to it soon enough.


Wednesday, April 1, 2009


You know what is totally Irritating?  

When you have plans with someone and they don't call or txt or email or sky-write you to let you know that your plans are going to fall through.  This is something that I have always hated.  Give me a heads up people!


Monday, March 30, 2009


The other night I had a dream I was paralyzed. It was a "dreamy-dream" consisting of nothing I recognized except myself and C.

Usually when I dream I am located in a place I recognize, but, crazy things are different like whole portions of my house are there that don't really exist or that everything is normal except that I can speak French....Those I consider "regular dreams".


In this dream we were on the second-floor outdoor living space of an Antebellum-ish home. We were napping on a porch swing/bed and I woke up, got off of the strange contraption walked a few steps then fell over - totally paralyzed on my right side. I was just laying there very confused for a few moments until I started yelling out for C...and he wouldn't stir. No matter how loud I yelled for him or how much flailing I did, I couldn't get his attention. The End. I woke almost immediately and started to think, "if we ever build a custom home - I want a second floor porch with a porch swing" and then back to sleep...

The next morning (ahem, afternoon) while we were showering (yes, together - we're adults) I told him about it. I couldn't figure it out, until I said the details aloud. Why would I be having this dream? At first I was a little scared because my back has been hurting - what if it was some sort of foreshadow...?? Of course it isn't! It took a minute, but, I got it - C helped - I was dreaming I was paralyzed because in a way I am. I am paralyzed in my career and in Indiana because I can't get to him. I can't move without a new job, I can't really move on with life until I sell my house, I can't sell my house until I move and I can't move without a is a huge, annoying, and yes,paralyzing circle.


Saturday, March 21, 2009


Turkey is drawing Wookers a transformers picture and she is making a blue one and a red one and I got her orange and purple colored pencil and she said "Frootie!-there is not a purple or orange transformers!" And I said - "apparently I know nothing about transformers..." And she said " you should watch it! - I have to go get yellow for bumblebee". Haha. It was then I realized she knew what she was talking about! Amazing kid.


Monday, March 16, 2009

When Harry met Sally

It had to be you. It had to be you.  I wandered around and I finally found the somebody who....

My favorite part of the whole movie is at the end, at the NYE party when Harry says: 

I love that after I spend the day with you I can still smell your perfume on my clothes.  And, I love that you are the last person I want to talk to before I go to sleep at night....  I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone, you want the rest of your life to start as soon as possible.

I also love the song "I Could Write a Book" by Harry Connick Jr.  "If they asked me I could write a book.  About the way you walk and whisper and look."  


Monday, March 9, 2009


It's funny...  

Happiness is something you think you have and then what you thought was happiness is gone and you're miserable.  

But then...

You find happy in a way you never knew could exist.  For some people it takes a while and for some it comes very quickly.  

Interestingly enough, I am one of those who found it very quickly after my mediocre happiness disappeared.  If you keep up with my blog you know what I mean, but you don't know the details.  I feel like telling you them now....

Eight months ago tomorrow I told my husband to leave.  He hadn't loved me enough for at least a year...maybe more.  I knew it was the right thing to do, but I still felt horrible.  I felt like every inch of my insides were turning to stone.  I had been out of town for several days and when I came back nothing felt right.  He wasn't excited for me to be home, he was distant, he was weird.  I got home on Monday, I kicked him out on Thursday.  He was extra weird on Wednesday night, Thursday morning I checked his texts and he had texted his friend to say he wanted to be with the other woman "more than anything in the world".  Ouch.  But, at the same time, comforting.  I knew he was cheating.  I had known for almost 2 years.  I knew it started innocently enough...but it was still cheating, it was unacceptable, and I lived with it, which in itself is unacceptable.  But, I thought he would get over it.  I never thought it would go anywhere.  It did.  He left.  He moved in with her.

Rewind back to being out of town.  I was at my cousin's wedding in Georgia.  My Aunt introduced me to the Best Man (I know now...this is the best title for him).  It was just a "hey, how are ya" kind of meeting.  Nothing of it.  He was cute, very cute, but there were other things on my mind, namely 8 large glasses of red wine.  Fast Forward.  I facebook friended all the people I met at the wedding.  I friended him.  I emailed him.  I asked him how on earth he was doing it.  How on earth are you functioning?  He replied, it was short, something about his little girl and how he wasn't much help if I didn't have kids.  My feelings were a little hurt, but, he didn't owe me anything so I let it go.    The next few days were a bit of a whirlwind.  But, somehow, we went on our first date on July 22nd.  Yes, that's right, just a few days after my marriage ended.  We met in Louisville for PF Chang's and our date lasted somewhere around 4 hours.  

This cute boy and I spent some time together.  We spent weekends together when we could, we went to the lake, then...all of a sudden it was a constant thing...we were together all the time.  Well, as much as we could be, since we live in different states.  We fell in love.  And we fell hard.  It happened very fast.  Now we are talking about babies and marriage and happily ever after.

Happiness, it is a funny thing.


Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow Weekend - for around $100 bucks!

This weekend was so wonderful.  The weather was amazing and the little girl and her cute daddy came to visit!  

I wish I had spent more time twittering all the cuteness...but oh well.

First of all there are tons of pictures on Flickr.  

Ok, here's the rundown:  

Friday they arrived in the late afternoon.  Cute Boy took a little nap while Turkey and I made a card for Jeff.  His birthday was earlier this week, but it was cake and ice cream night at the Fuqua's.  We went to Chicago's for pizza dinner.  We had a half peperoni and half cheese pizza.  Turkey ate 3 - 3! pieces of pizza.  It was delicious.  I pigged out and ate 3 slices and all the crust....  oopsy.  Cost: $3 for tip.  We had a gift certificate.  We went to the Fuqua's for cake and ice cream.  It was a good time.  Rachel said that Miss Ellen really enjoyed Turkey.  Turkey really liked Jeff.  I quote "Oh, yes!  He's the birfday boy!  Happy birfday to you...." 

Saturday we hit the Children's Museum and the Zoo.  It was a long day but really a great time.  We enjoyed every minute with only a couple 4 year old dramatic moments.  My friend Paula and her kiddos met us at the Children's Museum.  She has a 4 year old too, just one week older than the little turkey.  We checked out the dinosaurs, the fireworks of glass exhibit, the lego castle, the comics exhibit, and the carousel.  It was super fun.  Paula was awesome enough to pack us a nice lunch so the kids snacked and we snacked and all was well in the world.  The Children's Museum was pricey - $38.50 Carousel: $1/kiddo total: $40.50  The Zoo was awesome!  The weather was a prize.  Best day we could ask for.  The sun was shining and it was crowded but not too crowded.  We saw all sorts of good animals and there was lots of smiling and giggling.  Turkey loved petting the sharks.  I didn't get any photos of that (it was way too dark) but I took a few here at the giraffes and there, with the meercats.  We also went to the White River Garden to check out the beautiful flowers.  Best day I have had in a very long time.  Zoo - $23.50 pretzel, ice cream sandwich, and sprite $7 (good deal) total: $30.50

This morning we tried to make cinnamon rolls, but clearly there was an issue with the rolls because they were moosh.  We hit up El Nino for some Mexican lunch instead.  The waiter was really annoying and that made me a bit grouchy - but such is life.  When we got back home, Dori was feeling bad (her legs have been hurting her puppyness), so we all got in bed and watch Curious George.  It was a really cute movie!  El Nino $25 (including tip).  

Total for the big fun weekend: $99 - Sweet Action.

These numbers don't include: groceries, gas, snacks bought at the gas station on Saturday evening.  

On another Note, I have the cute boy reading up on Harry Potter.  He has to be ready for the new movie in July!  


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Top 10 movies

I was talking to the cute boy today and decided I should write a Top 10 movies list.  Here goes, in no particular order:

  1. The Sandlot
  2. 13 going on 30
  3. The Little Mermaid
  4. The Mummy and The Mummy Returns
  5. You've Got Mail
  6. When Harry Met Sally
  7. Rumor Has It
  8. Family Stone
  9. Hope Floats
  10. 10 Things I Hate About You
I am not saying these are the best movies ever or even close - these are just movies I can watch over and over and over again.  


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

100 Things

Too much information I'm sure....

100.  I love weddings.
99.  I am fully capable of killing someone with kindness.
98.  Cupcakes and Cookies are awesome.
97.  I watch too much tv.
96.  I have to have my toenails painted or I feel naked.
95.  I enjoy nudity.
94.  My favorite Disney movie is "Little Mermaid"
93.  I have been to Vegas twice.
92.  I am a pescetarian.
91.  I love butter.
90.  I love my dog Dori a bunch.
89.  I enjoy black and white patterns.
88.  Blackberry addict.
87.  I have met the Jonas Brothers and Demi Lovato.
86.  Facebook addict.
85.  I like something about every season.
84.  I love summer for the lake.
83.  I love spring for the flowers and the chirpy birds.
82.  I love winter for the snow.
81.  I love fall for the leaves, the pumpkins, the pumpkin pie, and halloween.
80.  I have a divorce in my toolbox.  I use this tool for pretty much every decision I make.
79.  My mom gets on my nerves because we are very similar.
78.  I have a very vivid imagination.
77.  I could eat pasta every day.
76.  Today I went to the store.  I bought 4 cans of tomato sauce, 4 cans of petite diced tomatoes, and 4 cans of quartered artichokes.  
75.  I love red wine.
74.  I love sushi.
73.  My favorite song is "Come on get higher" but I like the Sugarland live version better than Matt Nathanson.  My bad.
72.  I really want a super nice Kitchenaid Mixer.
71.  I like to watch Food Network.
70.  My boyfriend makes the best canned cinnamon rolls ever.
69.  Flavored unsweetened iced tea is delish.  Currently I have ginger tea.
68.  I have brown eyes.
67.  I used to bite my nails and still do occasionally.
66.  Sometimes I like commercials better than the actual tv show.
65.  Kissing is my favorite past time.
64.  I want to have at least 2 bebies.
63.  I enjoy baby names.
62.  Lucy, Nora, and Gillian are my current favorite girls names.
61.  I am not so picky on boys names because all the names old fashioned and people don't like them.  George, Henry, Oliver, and Merrill
60.  Black is my favorite color.
59.  Pink is a close second.
58.  I love to take pictures.  
57.  I am a Delta Gamma
56.  I was a religious studies major in college.
55.  I am currently reading 3 books.
54.  I want a station wagon.
53.  I have a slight addiction to costume jewelry.
52.  I want my life to be like a fairy tale.
51.  I will never purchase another PC.  I am a Mac girl.
50.  I will never own a camera that isn't a Canon.  Well, never own a DSLR that isn't a Canon.
49.  I love
48.  I love ... ... ... I use ... all the time!  Dot Dot Dot - in every email, every blog post, every BBM, every txt.  It's true.
47.  My favorite place to eat lunch is Chipotle.
46.  I could watch Hope Floats over and over.
45.  I am a heavy coffee drinker.
44.  Someday I want to make a list like this only with things I want to do.
43.  The best meal I have ever eaten was at the Sunset Coastal Grill in Port St Joe, Fl.  It was a black pepper crusted pan seared Ahi.  Beautiful.  I just checked their menu online - they don't have it anymore.
42.  I love beans.  I can make a pot of beans and eat them for a week and be happy as a lark.
41.  I love bird things.  Bird necklaces, bird prints, bird representations.  But, I don't like birds.
40.  Cats are my favorite pets - but I am in love with someone who is allergic...such is life.  Someday we'll have a farm and I can have some outside kitties.
39.  I never thought I would date someone with a kiddo.  Now, I am, and it is awesome.  Being with that little girl is the highlight of my week.
38.  My very favorite car is a Mini Cooper.  They make me smile.
37.  My favorite flower is a gerbera daisy.  I like them in bright pink, orange, and red.
36.  Someday I want a giant diamond.  
35.  Bed is my favorite place.  Resting, sleeping, cuddling, all of it.
34.  I love sex.  
33.  I enjoy a clean kitchen.  Counter tops free of clutter.  Tables with nothing on them - or maybe just a neat stack of things.
32.  I love magazines.  They have shiny pages.
31.  I look forward to making memories with my children.  Saturday morning cartoons in bed with cinnamon rolls.  Dressing up on Sundays for church.  Singing songs in the car.  Family photos on the beach.
30.  I have a really bad habit of saying "hey, how are you?" waiting for the response and expecting a "great how are you?" - it is so bad, the other day I asked how someone was they responded "fine" and I responded "I'm fabulous".... loser.  I am still embarrassed.
29.  Corn meal fried....  Perfect combo for me.  Anything with this as the breading is delicious.
28.  I went to Franklin College.  I loved it, but I often wonder how different I would be as a person if I had gone to a larger school.
27.  I was a cheerleader.
26.  I am a lover not a fighter.
25.  I am 27 years old.  I can't wait to grow old with my love.
24.  I am so happy to have a boyfriend who has a super family.
23.  Happily Ever After is my goal in life.
22.  I cry a lot.
21.  I hate being tickled by being poked in the ribs but I love being tickled lovingly.  Fingertips lightly grazing my skin.  Score.
20.  I feel sorry for parents with ugly kids.
19.  My favorite nature made foods are tomatoes, spinach, artichokes, asparagus, and tuna.
18.   Food is my favorite thing - clearly.
17.  I have the most fun when there is no television involved.
15.  I have nice tatas.
14.  Sometimes I wish I had a beautiful tattoo.
13.  Tina Fey is hilarious.  I wish I could be funny.
12.  I wish I could be a kid again and go to summer day care.  Skating Rink on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Pool on Fridays.
11.  I enjoy Jason Mraz's music.  Also: Michael Buble and Joshua Radin.  I could listen to those 3 all day.
10.  I frequently take photos of myself.  It's sad.
9.  Thunderstorms are beautiful.
8.  Sand between my toes is pretty close to heaven.
7.  I love the Beatles.
6.  I like to swim.  Being in the water - pool, lake, ocean - is better than a massage.
5.  Five is my favorite number.
4.  I won't leave the house without mascara on.
3.  I wish I could have movie star hair.
2.  Waking up next to the man I love is my favorite thing.
1.  I am in love.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Driving Miss Normie

I have no idea why my mom asks me to drive her places. All she does the whole time is complain about the temperature, complain about my driving, complain about how gross my car is. Whatever!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Yucky Feelings

I have yucky feelings today. I feel like I am on the verge of tears and I can't figure out why. I have had a couple pretty bad dreams lately....but that is all I can figure. Sad.


Monday, February 16, 2009

The Bachelor

I do not watch the Bachelor.   Never - it has not been one of "my shows" ever. I think I saw a couple episodes in college and tonight I am having to watch another episode of the show....for 2 hours! Here are my thoughts:

-I don't at all understand how these women can fall in love with a man who is dating and being intimate with 2 other women.
-Isn't this practically polygamy?  Or considered being a "player"?
-How can these women have any sort of dignity when they know he is going on overnight dates with other girls all in the same week?!?  Here's his calendar:

Monday- Jillian - Helicopter ride, beautiful lunch in the mountains, chat about marrying my best friend, dinner, sex*...
Tuesday- Mollie - Bungee jumping, nice lunch with a game of 19 questions, dinner where she asked him to spend the night with her (slut), sex*.....
Wednesday- Melissa - Boat ride on Winston Churchill's old sail boat, sweet conversation, kissing,  dinner, sex*....

Notice the running theme -S-E-X with 3 different girls on 3 different nights - in a row!

Quote "even though I am falling for all three of you"....annoying!

Quote "I could really see any of them as my wife"....annoying!

Each girl made a personal private video - "one last plea from the heart" - My opinion "Oh please please love me...I want to be your wife even though I know you love 2 other people too".  

I just couldn't do it!  


* I assume they would have sex.... They are in New Zealand for cripe's sake!  They are adults....they are being all romantic...there is wine.  Duh.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

This morning I got the best card I have ever seen in my life. I got C a boring card that just said LOVE on the front and then "Once in a lifetime someone like you comes along" or something.... And then he gives me a card that says this:

Let's Promise to Always Be in Love
Let's always hold hands
and sneak kisses
and give hugs for no reason.
Let's always laugh together,
cry together,
and be there for each other.
Let's never stop talking
or sharing
or understanding each other...
Let's keep wishing on stars
and whispering secrets
and dreaming up new adventures.
Let's always love each other
like we do today.
Happy Valentine's Day

and then he wrote, I love you more and more with each passing day.

He makes me so happy. It also makes me very happy that we were both thinking on the very same wavelegnth when picking out our gifts. I got him a subscription to Food Network Magazine and he got me two great cookbooks from Williams Sonoma. A vegetable one and a seafood one. We are funny little people.


Friday, February 13, 2009

$25 a day

Can a girl like me live on $25 a day until payday? I have a Starbucks card with $12 on it and $10 cash too....we'll find out. I am slightly poor right now. I am hoping I can pull thru without asking my mama for help. Last time I checked my bank account there was $190 in there....Bah Humbug. I need to stay in control. There will be updates.

*Update Saturday*
Yesterday (Friday) I had to go to Louisville for work. I stopped at Starbucks in Frankfort for a Venti Vanilla Latte. I also had to get gas - it was less than $21. I grabbed a Grilled 7 Layer burrito and a large Tropical Punch with cash and I had to get a couple other things.... Yikes! I went over my $25... $21 for gas. $11 for 2 cards and a magazine (for Valentines day) and $10 for meatless meatballs and meatless sausage patties at Whole foods. Total: $42 arg.

Saturday: I have spent $0 today. And, I am thinking I won't have to spend any. We ate breakfast and lunch here at home and we are having spaghetti and salad and breadsticks for dinner. All at home - all for free!

Sunday: I didn't spend any money today either! C's mom is here and Turkey is here and we just stayed home and had a great day. Cartoons and snacking and giggling all day long.