Sunday, June 26, 2011


In 20 days we head to Mexico. We are staying at the Sabor Resort in Cozumel. I hope to have a great time and for time to move at the perfect speed. Not too fast, Not too slow (because I will be missing my Nori girl).

Things I need to do before we leave:
--Clean my house, so it won't be a disaster when we return
-- Figure out what to do with the dogs. Who wants to doggie sit?
--Buy Sunscreen, Bug Spray, and new sunglasses. I found some heart shaped ones on
--Get a hair cut
--Get more tan so that I don't burn too back in the Mexican Sunshine!


2 more days

On Wednesday morning Prince C, Turkey, Nori, and I will get news we've been waiting on for months. I am so impatient, I can barely stand it. Thank goodness I am off work on Tuesday so we can go to the pool and make time fly by.

There's a 50/50 chance and all news is good news. Hot Dog or Hamburger?


Sunday, June 5, 2011

A Quick Comparison

Today was Luke's birthday party.

Here is Nora at his party last year:
And here she was today, large and in charge:

She's growing up way too fast.


Friday, June 3, 2011

Confessions (stolen from Taryn)

Yesterday my friend Taryn posted this BLOG and now I am bumming her idea since I haven't had anything good to tell lately.

I confess: I am more than a little addicted to Facebook and Twitter.

I confess: I eat Chipotle way too much and could live on Mexican Food.

I confess: I am lazy. There is no better word. I have a messy house and about 4 loads of laundry to do but I would much rather watch HGTV.

I confess: I need a pedicure. Don't look at my feet.

I confess: I also need a hair cut. It's stringy.

I confess: I won't do either of those two things in a timely manner.

I confess: I have an interview on Tuesday at 11. I am freaked out. I need this job so bad I can't even explain to you how much I need and want the job.

I confess: I want to write a book. I have no writing skills.

All for now.