Wednesday, September 30, 2009

100 Reasons

I am following in the footsteps of my dear sweet Prince. For those who haven't see his, click here.

Oh, honey I love you. Let me count the silly ways...

100. Your brown eyes. They are the most beautiful shade of brown I've ever seen.
99. Your blue boxers. I don't know why, but they make me smile.
98. Your hands and feet. I love that they are better looking than mine.
97. The way you love me. Fully and delightfully.
96. Our baby. I never knew I could be this happy.
95. Castle and Lie to Me - they are our shows. Shows we haven't shared with other people, just each other.
94. Food Network. And our mutual disgust for the $10 meals show. Liars.
93. Turkey. That girl. She drives me crazy and makes me so happy in the same millisecond.
92. a sensible car
91. letting me eat as many fudge rounds as I want
90. tolerating the barking.
89. Blue or Green towels?
88. Our mutual inability to put away clean, folded laundry.
87. Your feet and how they match turkey's or her's match yours....however that works! I hope Amigo has them too.
86. those exchanged pictures from right after our first date.
85. Saying hello and kissing on our first date.
84. The way you call me babydoll and kitten.
83. waking up at the same time when we're together and smiling at each other first thing.
82. New Year's 09. Hello, welcome....
81. our ability to enjoy doing nothing with no one and be perfectly happy
80. laughing at toots.
79. My absolutely stunning engagement ring and proposal. You did such a good job!
78. Your understanding that I have to make my job and this distance work.
77. Our sheets
76. Good mornings and good nights
75. Showers
74. being able to make you laugh
73. the way you nibble on me
72. Today you said you have to gobble me up before I am gone for a whole week... I love that.
71. You make my dreams come true
70. You don't think I am too crazy
69. hmmmm....
68. I like how you wash behind your ears
67. You help me rinse my hair in the shower
66. our house has the softest towels
65. I love you because you get angry for me when I don't.
64. You let me be helpless. You get me water, fudge rounds, oreos, etc anytime I ask.
63. The sweet gestures. A clean house, flowers, cards, all of it.
62. How you pretend with that little girl.
61. your crazy tattoo tee shirts. Especially the reversible ones.
60. cooking dinner together
59. your naughtiness
58. all the touching
57. I stalked you. And you liked me back!
56. you think I am cute in comfy clothes.
55. Pad Thai
54. How we usually laugh at the same things
53. All the silly songs on your ipod
51. going to the lake with you
50. sushi with you is better
49. That night with all the wine
48. I get to move in!!
47. Being iced in
46. feeling comfortable to talk to you about everything
45. jeep wranglers. silly.
44. Sending me flowers at work
43. hearing all of your stories
42. getting married in 2 weeks!
41. bbm. I hope we still bbm a lot once I live here.
40. how we fit perfectly on the couch together.
39. Your tee shirt collection....all bazillion of them - and the fact that you are willing to give some of them up to give me closet space.
38. twitter.
39. you started a blog for us
37. how we have been non-stop since our first text message was exchanged
36. That trip to have mexican food on our 2nd date
35. your cockiness
34. how it seems like I know everything about you and then I'll learn something you despise Vegas Vacation...Who knew?
33. Your love for my crazy family
32. Our dreams of traveling the world
31. You're going to teach me to shoot a bow
30. All those dead animals in the house
29. how you laugh along when I have bad ideas
28. your acceptance of my vegetarianism, even though you're a die hard meat eater
27. the way we have fun doing nothing
26. how I can't seem to get enough of you
25. how I miss you the instant that we're apart
24. you always accept my apologies
23. and a lot of times tell me not to apologize
22. you are letting me plan our wedding any way I want
21. your family is awesome
20. how your past has created the man you are just like mine has created the woman I am
19. you think I am beautiful all the time
18. we are willing to try new things jumping out of airplanes!
17. the beautiful necklace you gave me for Christmas, when we were supposed to be "being cheap"
16. you keep me warm
15. you let me nap
14. you let me go to bed early
13. you don't holler at me when I don't flush...I don't because it's loud in the middle of the night...and because I have to make it stop running everytime...and it saves water!
12. all the junk food you buy
11. I love that you aren't afraid of the changes that might come when I move in.
10. I love you because you are you. And I am me. We were meant to be together.
9. I love that we both agree that we were blessed to find each other
8. Drinking red wine with you. I can't wait to do that again after we have this baby!
7. Going places and showing you off...because you are handsome AND sweet.
6. lazy times together
5. just driving around to see if anything looks fun. we did that our first weekend together and again many times since...usually nothing looks fun and we just go back home and cuddle.
4. Have I mentioned the cuddling?
3. Kissing you. You are amazing at it.
2. Sharing hugs. Our bodies fit perfectly together.
1. Because you are perfect for me!

I cannot wait to spend everyday of the rest of my life with you. Who knew, in a million years that a chance email via facebook would lead to finding the love of my life, the man God made just for me? Prince C, I am so blessed to have you and I love you so much. I never knew happiness until I knew you - and it just keeps getting better. I cannot wait to see our family many kids are we having?


10 on Tuesday Wedding Edition

10. The wedding is 24 days away!
9. I need to rent the linens and the dishes.
8. On payday - Friday, I am buying my dress. It's blue.
7. I have to go to Michigan on the 15th for work. I will return on the 21st - so I have to make sure almost all the loose ends are tied up by the 15th.
6. I can't wait to marry Prince C
5. Turkey is pretty pumped. I need to make her veil. I have bought her a necklace, earrings, and gloves....
4. Turkey and I went to Louisville and bought a new GP puppy for my grandpa last weekend. I hope he brings it to the wedding!
3. I have really cute shoes to wear!
2. I need to make paper pom-poms
1. How am I going to get all this done?


Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adult Fraternity Parties

Have you ever noticed how out of town meetings for work are almost like parties at the TKE house when you were in college?

Today I was in a 12 hour meeting. The meeting was informative and beneficial. And then came the booze. Yikes.

I just ate dinner with around 200 drunk people. A whole bunch of people who were away from their spouses and children so they acted (and still are) like fools. If I wasn't pregnant and could have had a couple glasses of wine I would have stayed and reported back on the madness. I am quite certain several bad decisions will be made tonight.

Apparently there was at least one made last night...Here is my reasoning: During the guest speaker's presentation he got warm and took off his jacket. He said "I'm just going to take a layer off" and then he nodded toward a gal in the crowd and said "you feel free too do it too". In a normal situation this would just be a normal ha ha BUT this gal happens to be the town tramp...she doesn't appear to be (ie she doesn't dress like a hooker AND she has a wedding ring) but she frequently makes bad choices on business trips... yikes.

Another reason out of town business meetings are like fraternity parties is because people dresses just a little beyond business professional. In other words, the girls from the office who would normally be in slouchy pants, shirts buttoned all the way up, little makeup, and a ponytail all of the sudden transform into supermodel fashionistas. Pants too tight, heels too high, and shirts cut too low.

Here is a list of the things I saw today:
  • fingernails that were 2 inches (at least) past the fingertip
  • hair that matched the outfit - maroon top/black pants and two-tone hair of the same color
  • black fingernails and too much eye makeup
  • green shirt, purple tie, grey pants (hideous) BUT he did have matching shoes and belt and the shoes were very stylish and professional
  • a heavy girl with a shaved head
  • a crazy tie - reminded me of a brightly colored track suit from the early 90s
  • lots of professionally dressed men and lots of women flirting their behinds off....
So, you ask...what was I wearing? A plain black suit, green mock turtleneck with a tie in the back, and plain black pumps. The only thing out of the ordinary I did was freshen my makeup before dinner AND the only reason I did that is because of the 13 year old boy who has taken over my face and given me lots of beautiful zits.


Monday, September 21, 2009

Moving around.

Not out. Sad.

Tonight I had a moving around party. Rachel and Jeff and Helen came over along with my parents to help move my room into another room. My roommate moves in this weekend! Yay! It should be very fun to have another body here on most days so that I don't have to only talk to the cats. She's fairly sparse on weekdays and I am never here on weekends so I think this will be a nice match.


Sunday, September 20, 2009

Getting Ready for this Wedding Thing

Holy Cow! We are in the homestretch.

We have tables, we have a webpage (based in Dayton, OH) to rent the linens, a place to rent the tableware from, I have bought some decor for the tables. Shew. That is a good start.

Ella picked out her dress.

I have booked rooms at 2 Bed and Breakfasts. Here and Here. I can't wait.

Last Thursday Prince C and I met with Mark the Preacher. I adore him! I wish he preached at a church close to us. He assigned us to look at our credos at work and rewrite them to focus on our marriage. I am nervous about this. I don't know why...I know it will end up fine, I just don't want to look stupid.

I need to work on music: walking down the aisle, unity candle, end of ceremony celebration... I also kinda want to sing a couple hymns after the ceremony. Thoughts? Anyone? Crickets.

This week I am heading to Chicago. While I am there I plan to pick up fun fabric for the photo "booth" - I need to figure out how to set that up.

I need to find a cake stand.

The End.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

It could be worse

well, it seems like every day I lose hope, a little here - a little there. I eat more. I work more. I'm more and more depressed.

Yesterday I grew a huge set of man balls. I emailed my superiors and asked to have my desk location moved from Depressing to Perfect. I felt energized, I felt like even if I failed it would be fine because I tried, I felt good. Today, the ceiling came crashing down. One of my superiors called me, one of the ones that I have never met and who - if they walked into my cubby I would honestly say: Who are you and why the h-e-double hockey sticks are you in my cubby? She called and said, we have discussed this and we can't do it. The End.

Now, after 8 years with the same company I am feeling like my career is going down the tubes and my college education is a waste.

Spinning out of control.


Sunday, September 6, 2009

Erin and Wyatt's Bridal Sneak Peek

Last week - almost 2 months after their wedding we finally got our schedules to mesh and we took some Bridal pictures.

Here is a sneak peek:
PS - I am not sure why these all look grainy. The aren't in real life. Promise.


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don't call me "Crazy" in my house!

Geez, how to write this post? I need to vent about a situation, but it is just going to make me sound like a crazy, hormonal, pregnant girl...oh well, I do what I've gotta do for entertainment's sake.

>There are lots of exclaimation points.
>I am a crazy person.
>I hate bridal showers and baby showers....unless they are for my very closest close friends and, AND, they are super duper into it. I will play along....but I don't play along for myself, I do it for them.
>I am all for having a shower. One where everyone comes and they talk about having babies and loving babies and we eat delicious cake. A party were everyone enjoys themselves and there are no crazy games, over the top gifts, or fakey fakeness.

OK, on to the story.

So, last week I had a few friends over. 4 of them and their 2 kids. None of these things is a problem...I love babies and I love my friends and their husbands. I love happy people.

Fail #1: One of the wives sent her husband out to get beer. BEER! In a pregnant girl's house, a pregnant girl who loves beer, a pregnant girl who wasn't asked if it was OK to have beer in her house while she was pregnant. NOT OK. Please ask. If you are going to bring alcohol into my home, with your newborn child present, ask!! I have a huge issue with this. Then said husband asked me if I wanted a beer, um, no, I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. Wow. Now, yes, bestie's husband was also partaking in the beer that was purchased....but, he is practically related and I am around him all the time so he is cleared. AND, he wouldn't have purchased it and brought it to my house without asking permission. This is MY house.

Fail #2: Out of town friend (OOTF) said "Don't worry, you won't look pregnant on your wedding day, Just FAT." It was said in a way that makes me think that she honestly thought that was an OK thing to say. Then, she goes on about me wearing a non-traditional wedding dress - "Why don't you get a maternity dress?"... me: "Have you ever, EVER shopped for a maternity wedding dress? HIDEOUS."

Fail #3: OOTF asked to use my laptop. OK, no problem right? Yeah...except it was like 10pm and she proceeded to be online, and hour and a half! It is one thing to check an email or two, hop on facebook, and be done... Wham bam thank you ma'am... But, for real. It was uncool and it, in turn caused me to loose my cool shortly after.

Fail #4, #5, #6 etc (it's a coversation - try to follow me):
OOTF: Have you been to Buy Buy Baby?
Frootie!: Um, no.
OOTF: Why not?!?!? You are so missing out!!
Frootie!: Well, because I am only 14 weeks pregnant and....
OOTF: Oh, so you don't want to jinx it, I understand.
Frootie!: *steam coming from my ears* No, actually it is because I am too poor. I don't have the money to go into that place and get overwhelmed.
OOTF: Well, that is when you get to go crazy with 'the gun'.
Frootie!: Oh, no. That is not my style.
Frootie!: I don't want other people buying me things. I hate showers I don't want one. I am just not a fan of inviting people over to beg for gifts and then have to open them in front of said people and....OH MY GOD it is 11:30 at night. Why are we going into this? It is an hour and a half past my bedtime!!!! Please leave.
OOTF to bestie: She's crazy.

Now, I am totally irritated at myself for losing my cool like that, but, I had been saying all night that I had a big day at work the next day and I was yawning and it was just terrible. I honestly considered saying, "well, I'm going to bed now - let yourselves out". On the other hand, I am terribly sorry for losing my cool on OOTF - but we are all adults and she knew better. She was on vacation. I was not.


PS - all this whining is on behalf of OOTF and Husband - bestie and husband - no harm no foul. They did what they were supposed to do, i.e. Not leave me alone with OOTF because there may have been blood.