Friday, May 22, 2009

10 about today and 2 about tomorrow

10.  We planted 2 lilac bushes.  We'll plant the other one tomorrow.
9.  I went to 2 goodwill stores.
8.  I visited 2 Lowe's stores today.
7.  We ate Captain D's.
6.  We finally watched the Criminal Minds that Rick Dunkle wrote.  Rick and I went to High School and College together.  That is cool.
5.  It was warm today.  I love the spring and summer - when it's warm but not humid.  It's rare...but it happens.  Tomorrow we are going to enjoy another day like today.
4.  I love Kentucky.  
3.  I love him.  And that wild girl too.
2.  She has been extra sassy today.
1.  Today has been a great day.


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