Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pavilion Party

So, I booked the Highbridge Pavilion for a party on October 24th.

The party plans so far:
-chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing and maroon flags with hearts
-chocolate chip cookies
-Mt. Dew cake cupcakes with cream cheese frosting
-grandma cookies
-Sparkling water, champagne, and sprite with raspberries in the bottom of the glasses
-Iced Water and delicious punch (Kelly's recipe)
-paper lanterns with battery flicker candles
-ball jars with wild flowers
-mismatched brightly colored tablecloths
-family and friends
-sunday best dressed ladies and gentlemen
-foofy hair decorations
-a photobooth

And much, much more! Who wants to come?



Anonymous said...

SOunds like a suprise wedding to me!

Kel said...

Hmm...sounds like that to me too! ;)

Where is that?

Frootie! said...

Highbridge is in Jessamine Co. Kentucky. It's soooo pretty! I'm heading out there tonight to take a few snap shots so I can start designing this event! I am very excited!

LouAnna said...

Sounds awesome!