Friday, December 4, 2009

Bad Blogger 2

I have been a terrible blogger again! I need to work on that bad behavior.

Here are a few updates:

10. I started my new job. I seem to have pretty nice co-workers. Thank Goodness.
9. Christmas is coming very soon!
8. My baby is getting bigger and bigger. About 2.25- 2.5 lbs now!
7. I need to make a list for Santa.
6. I made a Blurb book filled with wedding photos. I ordered 10 copies. I pray they turn out nicely. No returns!
5. Five is my favorite number
4. Turkey Bird has been unusually weepy lately. Not sure what the story is there - but she cries all the time.
3. On Wednesday Prince C and I bought a new down comforter at Brookstone. It's awesome.
2. I wonder why men are so obsessed with sex. I ask this while watching Bones. They are talking about "Pitching their Tents" with multiple women v. only one.
1. I want to play some golf. Drink Bourbon. Eat Sushi. 3 more months people. 3 more months.


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