Saturday, September 4, 2010

Johns/On wedding

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting Mary and Josh's wedding in Nicholasville. There are a few favorite things I want to share.

Number One: Mary Johns married Josh Johnson. When I first met Josh I thought it was funny that she would only be adding ON to her name. They played this up at the reception with fans. The fans stated something along the lines of "Marriage is all about adding ON. Adding ON to family, adding ON to happiness" etc. It was a brilliant idea.
Number Two: While shooting a few photos of Josh, he told me he is a bit of a jokester. He said that he was planning to give Mary just a peck when he got the ability to kiss the bride. It was cute. Everyone laughed.
Number Three: Chocolate Pie. Holy Angels in Heaven. I have never had something so wonderful.

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