Thursday, November 22, 2012


for too many things to count...But here is a short collection (in no particular order):

Nora and Graham.  What a delightful brood I have.  They make me happy.  I love them so much.

Ella.  She is the sprinkles on our cupcake.

Clinton.  All of him.  The silly, the serious, the conversations, the silence.  All the things I roll my eyes at and all the things I want to happen over and over again.  Couch cuddling, dinner cooking, reading in bed, being parents, being in love.  He is everything I never needed/wanted/and didn't know I needed/wanted.  My marriage is practically perfect in every way.

My parents.  All 4 of them.  I am amazingly blessed with step-parents from paradise.  My mom and dad and dad and debbie.  Y'all make it all the way it should be.  I am so sad for people who don't have good parents.

My job.  I hate it.  But I love my team, my management, my company.  Just not the pressure.  The money...yes, that.  It pays my bills.  It leaves nothing more.  It is just right.

Pretzel M&Ms.


Danskos.  My work shoes allow me to stand all day without wanting to murder my customers.


Elf.  My favorite Christmas movie.  Tis the season!

Jesus.  My savior.  How cool is that?  

Clinton's job.  It's a pain not having a schedule.  It's lonely when he's gone.  If we didn't have this job.  We couldn't make it.  Ends WOULD NOT meet.

Stella McCartney Perfume.

OPI nail polish.

My tiny home.  It's warm.  It's cozy.  

My closest friends.  Rachel, Ryan, and Rebecca.  They know every bit of me.  And, they love me just the same.  

My work friends.  You all make 9-8 tolerable.  We are a family.

The rest of my family.  Blood related and not.  

That is quite a list and honestly, it's no where close to being complete.

God is Great!  He has given me all I need and more.  


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