Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fear Not

Today in Church Pastor Greg preached a spin, a good spin, on the Christmas story.  In Luke 2:9-10 the Angel of the Lord comes to the shephards of the field and they are terrified.  The angel tells them to not be afraid because today is born Christ Jesus our Savior.  The point of his message is that this tiny passage in the Bible is something that all of us worriers can rest our fears on. 

His message hit pretty close to home with this Mama.  Man, I worry with the best of them.  I cannot imagine what my life would be like without worry.  I worry mainly about my children.  I pray nightly for some semblance of peace and rest without being concerned about my babies.  I trust in God above all and I know that there are Angels watching over my children every second of the day - but the CRAZY part of me - causes fear and worry to be my constant companion.  

I need some serious prayer and guidance.  I will pray more and worry less.  I will rest my fear in the Lord.  


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