Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sore Throat.

Today, I have a sore throat.  It makes me really sad.  

Also, today I lost my shit a little.  I need to stop allowing things and people get in the way of what I want.  

I am so tired of hearing Mom say "well, you need to do what you need to do".  WTF does that mean?  Let me tell you - I am not you, we are very similar, but I am not you.  AND, I am absolutely not you 25 years ago when your marriage fell apart due to an affair.  I am not still super attached to him.  As a matter of fact - I am so over his crap if I could I would send him to another planet to be all alone!

He came over today you know....He was all crying and pouty because he had read my twitter account and seen my flickr.  OH well buckaroo!  Oh well, I have found someone to play with who treats me well.  Get over it.  You have no right to be jealous - none what-so-ever.  You CHEATED on my with my BEST FRIEND.  You have no room to speak!

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