Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Mas Blogging Por Favor!

Holy Crap I need to blog more. I just feel like there isn't much to say right now.

I am pregnant. 34w4d to be exact. My little girl loves to kick me (or punch -- last we heard, she hasn't flipped yet) in the middle of my rib cage. She is doing it right now. I am not sure that this kiddo can get any bigger. My belly is pretty much maxed out.

I am sleeping pretty well right now. Seems like I can make it until about 5 am before the tossing and turning starts. My left groin is killing me. It hurts when I am sitting or laying for a while and then I move around. If I am up walking (like at work all day) I am ok.

I am still hoping and praying for a healthy, happy labor. I really want to have this little girl without drugs. I also hope to have a fairly easy time nursing her. I am hoping for a lot, I know.

We are planning a long weekend to Mountain Lake this summer. Probably in mid-June. I can't wait! It will be Nora's first trip and that place is gorgeous. Yippy! More on that later.

Perhaps a 10 on Tuesday post later today.....


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