Friday, January 29, 2010

Retelling a Story

Today I drove to Franklin to close on the selling of my house. Closing was cancelled. I did get to have dinner with my gal pals. One of the gal pals had a funny story. Here I am to retell it.

Today at work this gal, Miss Nurse, had an older/overweight patient. The patient, we'll call her Nina (mainly because I have NO IDEA what her name is), arrived late. She had to go potty and needed help, she needed x-rays and needed help...Miss Nurse helped like a champ. On the way down to the lab, in the middle of a huge group of people, Nina looks up from her wheelchair and says,
"You Gay? Straight up, you gay?"
"Well, you're giving off all the wrong vibes!"
Miss Nurse responds, "Well, Um, no ma'am. I am married and have a baby".
"That don't mean nothing. I was married - got 2 kids and was Gay the whole time!"

ha! Old people are funny.


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Auntie Sissy said...

LOL, LOVE that story.