Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The wedding I didn't shoot

A few weeks ago I went to Indiana to shoot a wedding for a friend. I knew she had hired another photographer after she hired me and that she was only going to have one of us shoot the
wedding...and I was really hoping I was going to be the one shooting the wedding...I wasn't. I was sad. I still am sad.

I am terribly disappointed in the photos I took and I just feel like a fraud. I feel like I shouldn't take the money that her parents paid me -- but on the other hand, I did what the bride asked me to do. I took photos of her getting ready for the day and also of the reception. Problem is...I photograph love. LOVE. I am not good at photographing groups of adults. So many adults dodge the camera, make ugly faces, hold their hand up to hide, etc. Why are people
like that? Taking photos of a wedding reception for the bride is my job...you people cooperate!

Details. I like details. They are easy subjects to control.

The beautiful bride getting ready:

The Reception...a few good ones:


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