Monday, February 7, 2011

San Francisco Part One

A few weeks ago Prince C and I went on, our Honeymoon. This was our first opportunity since we got married to do something alone. We flew out to San Francisco on a Thursday and flew home on Monday, just an extended weekend, but it was just what we needed. Our flight out was very early, thank you 100 times to Court Jester Bert for taking us to the airport. When we arrived in San Fran it was before lunch, we were starved. We hopped off the BART in Union Square and hiked to our hotel before finding lunch.

Our first lunch was not photographed. I was on the verge of tears while eating my sandwich. What had I gotten us into?? You know the movie "The Pursuit of Happiness", well all the scenes with the homeless in San Fran...that was filmed in the neighborhood where our hotel was. I wasn't scared per se, I was just frustrated that we were on a grown up vacation and we were in a dumpy place.

It wasn't really that bad, it just was not as nice as I had hoped. The web describe it's target customer and itself as having "classic refinement and charm of a historic hotel". It was not that. It was an older hotel with no air conditioning, a broken elevator, and uncomfortable beds. I vented about it on Facebook, and texted my mom while Prince C napped. I cried. Then I resolved to suck it up, realize that we are not rich, and that we didn't have any other choice but to make it awesome....well that along with asking Price C if he wanted to stay elsewhere -- because Mom offered to pay for a better hotel, he said No so we stayed. I am glad we did.

Here are a few more photos from exploring on day one.

Really cute shoes at the Louis Vuitton Store
Pretty flowers a street vendor was selling
Light fixture in Cole Haan
Cabbage Flowers -- One of my favorites, so pretty and so ordinary
Painted Heart Art


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