Tuesday, February 8, 2011

San Francisco Part Two

Day Two started with breakfast at David's Deli. It looked very interesting as we passed it the night before. As it turns out, it was very ordinary. I give it 1 star. Boring. It is the only place I really wish we hadn't eaten....well that and the place we had eaten lunch on day one. Yuck. I wish those two places could have do overs. Such is life.

After breakfast we rode the Cable Cars! I had been to San Francisco back in high school, and we didn't ride the cars. I don't even remember why...but we didn't. It was the number one thing I was looking forward to sharing with Prince C on this trip.
Once we got to the Wharf area we walked the opposite direction than what we should have. I am not very good with direction. Whoops. We got a quick overview of the whole Pier Area. We also rode on another type of cable car -- more like a cable bus.

We ate lunch at the Wharf. At Alioto's. The lunch special was chowder in a breadbowl with a Sam Adams. Yes please. Prince C had a crab sandwich.

After lunch we walked toward Ghirardelli Square. We stopped to get some taffy. We decided we should snack on our taffy and relax on a bench for a bit. Here are some of the sights:

The water near the swimming club. There were people swimming in there!
Enjoying the perfect weather
Us enjoying our taffy
the chocolate factory
I loved the look of this cafe. We did not eat there.


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