Wednesday, April 20, 2011

For better or for worse

Why is it that husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends bad mouth their other halves whenever they deem appropriate? It really gets under my skin. Now, don't get me wrong -- I know girls gripe about their men and when it is with their very closest friend or sister, then I just chalk that up to girls being girls -- but when men or women do it in casual conversation as if it's ok or when they air it out on Facebook...It gets under my skin. Be sweet to the people you love.

This post isn't going as planned at all -- so I will just move forward with this point: When you get married it's for better or for worse. Done. Next point, when you are upset, why not think of something wonderful about your spouse. Here are a few from my Facebook friends:

Courtney: Doug is very Compassionate and will help anyone at any time, not just us. He is also an amazing father. Seeing him with aubree makes me love him a million times more.
Ted: Bridget and I have been together since the all of 86'! She is a loving mother and spouse. She listens when I go on and on about music, movies, or comic books. She is totally sexy and I dig that.
Amanda: Charles always makes me laugh. No matter how upset I am he's always there to make me feel better. He ha patience and doesnt get frustrated w/ all of my little quirks. I could go on forever explaining why he is so great but to sum it up he is just an all around amazing man and I am so lucky to have him.
Whitney: Aaron is my knight in torn up wranglers!!! I never knew I wanted a country boy until this one came into my life!!! He makes me smile no matter what mood I am in and helps me realize that although life can throw you a curve ball that there is always a silver lining. He has been the best man to me thru these back to back pregnancies as well!!! He is patient and kind...AND HOT!!!!
Ashlie: Daniel is ridiculously smart and teaches me something new every day. He always knows how to make me laugh (probably because we appreciate the same sort of humor) and is awesome about taking over with the girls when I need a break. He's very hands-on and creative with the girls, as well. He's great at coming up with neat ideas of things that they/we can do. He's also very thoughtful and romantic, particularly when it comes to choosing gifts/cards for me.
More from Whitney: I totally sound horrible since I didn't mention how GREAT of a father Aaron is as well!!! Sorry honey...i was talking about your greatness as a it's about your greatness as a father too!!
Audra: Matt backs me up no matter what.
I rarely have to ask him for help--I just mention what I need and he does whatever he can to supply it. He communicates his needs to me as well and trusts that I am willing to do the same.
Since we married, we have both grown and changed and we've done it together. He teaches me things about culture and awakens aptitudes in me that have never been tapped. I keep him laughing and give him an outlet despite his never realizing he needed one.
I was just thinking this morning about how I won't call him my "friend" or "best friend" because that's a step down from what he is. He is so much more--my partner and my husband which encompasses traits unique to his position in my life.
Deneen: [Dave] is the most loving person I have ever had the blessing of having in my lfe. We accepted each other, faults and all and he doesnt' expect me to be something I'm not. I love him dearly and always will.
Amber: Patrick is always willing to help with Paisley, so that I can have "me" time. Even if it just means that I can grocery shop by myself. It is much appreciated!

And last but certainly not least, here is what Prince C and I have to say about each other: [Prince C] is a great father. He always listens to me and the girls and he cooks the best grilled cheese sandwiches. He attack hugs me as often as he can and he doesn't get annoyed by all my little quirks. And: [Frootie!] is one of the most amazing people I have ever known! She's as beautiful on the outside as she is on the outside. She's a great mother and stepmother. She is very compassionate to others and we tend to like all of the same activities. She's my bestesterest friend!

I love my husband.



Courtney said...

how cute :) i totally agree with you about facebook! It irritates me too, especially when its constant! Love this post. :)

Suzanne said...

Love this post. Couldn't agree with you more, "be sweet to the ones you love".