Saturday, July 30, 2011

Last time

Prince C just said it. "This is the last time you'll be pregnant". It's quite sad when it's said that way. No, I don't want any more babies after Baby Noodle comes. Not today anyway. But, what it I change my mind? What if we win the lottery (well, we'd have to play) or both get great jobs and could afford more babies?

This is the last time I'll be pregnant. Sounds so final. I love being pregnant. Yes, I complain. Sure. It's uncomfortable. There's gas, indigestion, hip pain, I haven't been sleeping well, I am moody, etc, etc, etc. BUT. Feeling a baby move inside you is amazing. Imagining for 10 months (or longer, because most people dream of their children for years and years) what your son or daughter is going to look like, act like, grow up to be is magical.

I love him already. I already miss being pregnant. I love being a mother. It is such an amazing gift.


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