Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Tonight Prince C and I went to Onizim's here in Lexington. Casual Cajun food....Casual must mean "not spicy enough".

Here's my quick review of what we ate:

Deep Fried Banana Peppers = 7 out of 10. Perfectly fried, just tangy enough, served with cocktail sauce. I would have made sure to use Bookbinders cocktail sauce. It's the best. Has a ton of horseradish in it. It would've been great with these.

Enabelle's Salad with Spicy Bleu Cheese (house made dressing) = eh. 3 of 10. The salad was room temp and so was the dressing. Strange. There was no "spicy" about the spicy bleu cheese. Also, the salad consisted of field greens, 2 grape tomatoes, deep fried onion chips, and 2 half purple onion rings.

Chicken Gumbo = 9 of 10. I only had one tiny taste since I try to avoid meat with feet...but it was great. Well seasoned, tons of flavor, great.

Linguine Primavera = 7 of 10. Tasty, but nothing special. Stated it had a Jalapeno Basil Pesto which is what drew me in...I didn't taste that yumminess at all. Mushrooms seemed to be sprinkled in too too sparingly.

Side - Bourbon Mashed Sweet Potatoes = 9 of 10. Super delish. Could've used a bit more sweetness...but overall, quite good.

Blackened Catfish and Jambalaya = 2 of 10. Prince C ate it....but it was miserable. No salt, no spice, pretty to look at but it ended there. Sad.

Side - Jambalaya Potatoes = 9 of 10. Great!

This place has the side dishes down. Soups too. I recommend it...but not overwhelmingly. It was good, not great. Edible, not mouthwatering.


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