Friday, October 10, 2008


Gosh!  Jeff was right when he said there was a serious case of the "Pregnancy Flu" going around.  I currently have 4 pregnant friends and a friend who just had a baby 10 days ago.  Not to mention Emma and Zaya who were born in April and August.  There are so many babies to love and even though it makes me very happy to love them, it makes me sad that I can't have one.  

How on earth am I working on getting divorced and dating a man who lives 3 hours away and thinking I really want to have a baby?  How can my clock be ticking so loudly at such a horrible time in my life?  I am in between.  I am happy with my new manfriend.  Very, very happy.  But not at all in a place where I should be thinking about having a teenie bundle of joy.  


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