Sunday, October 19, 2008

So hot.

Today, we went to Gabriel's baptism and he looked amazing.  See above....  He was wearing a 3 piece suit and a great turquoise tie.  I was wearing a low cut black dress and leopard heels.  We looked good...He is way way to handsome for me....  

Rewind to last week:

I was in Kansas all week last as soon as I got home I ran to C's arms.  I couldn't wait to get to him.  I went there on Friday night, we went to dinner, and then we drove around looking at homes we couldn't afford unless we won the lottery.  Yesterday he came up here - later than planned - but that's fine, we made dinner and enjoyed ourselves.  It seems that everything in our relationship is simple and organic.  I know I have said these things before - but it is so cool.

I am so glad I have him.  


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