Tuesday, October 28, 2008

More love

Last night I was chatting online with C.  Turkey came in and said she wanted to chat with me too.  So, he handed her his laptop and she began "chatting" away.  It was too cute.  She was just blah blah blah-ing away, it looked something like this:  weoulagbadfoangaldfadbnadglkjfgna, alkdgdagbiaosfgldkgnorhynd, aoignfdagdk  jewnrofjkfnasodlkpoert982742, etc.  At one point C asked her "Turkey, what are you saying?" She responded, "that says 'I love H', daddy."  So cute!!

Also, my very favorite part of the picture are her toes.  I can tell that she was moving them around while she was chatting with me.  Precious.  I'll be happy to borrow her anytime!

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