Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Vacation a Buffet: Take Two

So this is a combo entry....More info on my vacation as well as a 10 on Tuesday, oh and a promise. I am promising to blog every day from now until next Monday. All of my vacation days....

Here is a summary of yesterday and Sunday.
  • C and I went hunting for a Christmas tree for his house. We heard that Garden Ridge had trees for $25 and we got excited....but wait, they were liars. They had something for $25 but no way in h-e-double hockey sticks would it pass as a Christmas tree for us!
  • Ha Ha - it is kinda sad but Sunday really only needs one bullet point! The rest of the day we watched football and snoozed.


  • C didn't have an appointment until 11a so we stayed in bed extra long and then got up and ate Cinnamon rolls. He is a pro at those!
  • I went over to Bec's to see the kiddos and we had a fun time. We ate a Fazoli's and went to Wal-Mart! PaR-TaY! Lukers was being silly. He fixed my hair and then he didn't want me to leave when it was time for me to go. Apparently today he is asking where I am and if he gets to see me today. No, Lukers - tomorrow. Tomorrow we will all be at the beach together. You may see me then!
  • Last night we watched Wall-E - it was adorable and we also watched 300. I really liked 300. Go figure....I hadn't seen it yet because of all the violence and it was a movie that I really enjoyed!

Ok! Now for the Ten on Tuesday: 10 things about about my vacation so far

10. Flying out of Bluegrass Airport....Rocks. No wait anywhere! I had only one super cute family in front of my in line at the check-in counter. At the security checkpoint, the people were super nice. Check out that southern hospitality!

9. Tiny planes suck. I was in row 12....which was the very last row in the tiny plane I was flying in. I did get to sit next to an awesome Golden Girl. She was a sweet pea. She asked me if I was in college and complimented me on how young I look. Woohoo!

8. At the Atlanta Airport, in Terminal D....The bathrooms are really clean (or appear to be). I seriously considered hanging in my stall rather than coming to these airport seats....

7. I am very pleased with my Starbucks Espresso Truffle drink. I know that Starbucks is Starbucks - but you do have to have a little bit of talent to make the drinks spectacular!

6. It is cold in this airport. I got way too hot on my last flight - ie my back got super sweaty - so now I am chillin.

5. There is a young girl breastfeeding next to me. Wow! Motherhood is amazing and I am proud of her for not being shy about the wonder of life. Also, her little boy's name is Killian.

4. I applied for a new job today while I was waiting for my flight out of Bluegrass. I am really excited about it and I hope it works out. It will be a very scary change of pace - but I like scary.

3. C took care of me this weekend. I love that about him. I had a headache yesterday and he adviled me, and watered me, and took care of me. He even did my laundry. KEEPER.

2. About him being a keeper....Can I keep him for real? How did I end up with this boy? Aunt J needs a serious pat on the back.

1. I really wish he was with me right now. I know we need to be with our families....but goodness a whole week apart is going to be a pill. I miss him already and I love him so much.



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