Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wow Weekend - for around $100 bucks!

This weekend was so wonderful.  The weather was amazing and the little girl and her cute daddy came to visit!  

I wish I had spent more time twittering all the cuteness...but oh well.

First of all there are tons of pictures on Flickr.  

Ok, here's the rundown:  

Friday they arrived in the late afternoon.  Cute Boy took a little nap while Turkey and I made a card for Jeff.  His birthday was earlier this week, but it was cake and ice cream night at the Fuqua's.  We went to Chicago's for pizza dinner.  We had a half peperoni and half cheese pizza.  Turkey ate 3 - 3! pieces of pizza.  It was delicious.  I pigged out and ate 3 slices and all the crust....  oopsy.  Cost: $3 for tip.  We had a gift certificate.  We went to the Fuqua's for cake and ice cream.  It was a good time.  Rachel said that Miss Ellen really enjoyed Turkey.  Turkey really liked Jeff.  I quote "Oh, yes!  He's the birfday boy!  Happy birfday to you...." 

Saturday we hit the Children's Museum and the Zoo.  It was a long day but really a great time.  We enjoyed every minute with only a couple 4 year old dramatic moments.  My friend Paula and her kiddos met us at the Children's Museum.  She has a 4 year old too, just one week older than the little turkey.  We checked out the dinosaurs, the fireworks of glass exhibit, the lego castle, the comics exhibit, and the carousel.  It was super fun.  Paula was awesome enough to pack us a nice lunch so the kids snacked and we snacked and all was well in the world.  The Children's Museum was pricey - $38.50 Carousel: $1/kiddo total: $40.50  The Zoo was awesome!  The weather was a prize.  Best day we could ask for.  The sun was shining and it was crowded but not too crowded.  We saw all sorts of good animals and there was lots of smiling and giggling.  Turkey loved petting the sharks.  I didn't get any photos of that (it was way too dark) but I took a few here at the giraffes and there, with the meercats.  We also went to the White River Garden to check out the beautiful flowers.  Best day I have had in a very long time.  Zoo - $23.50 pretzel, ice cream sandwich, and sprite $7 (good deal) total: $30.50

This morning we tried to make cinnamon rolls, but clearly there was an issue with the rolls because they were moosh.  We hit up El Nino for some Mexican lunch instead.  The waiter was really annoying and that made me a bit grouchy - but such is life.  When we got back home, Dori was feeling bad (her legs have been hurting her puppyness), so we all got in bed and watch Curious George.  It was a really cute movie!  El Nino $25 (including tip).  

Total for the big fun weekend: $99 - Sweet Action.

These numbers don't include: groceries, gas, snacks bought at the gas station on Saturday evening.  

On another Note, I have the cute boy reading up on Harry Potter.  He has to be ready for the new movie in July!  


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