Saturday, August 15, 2009

So I have had the coolest week!

This week has been so amazing!

See previous post to read the vague details about Wednesday and Thursday.... Then Friday!

Yesterday I worked all day - well sort of all day...I left at about 230p since I had worked an event Thursday night until 730p....Anywho, I went to my house and cleaned a bit then headed home to Kentucky. On the drive I called a few girlfriends and also Prince C's Mama to chat. I was going over with all of them how great my week had been. Laughing, I'm sure, Queen Mama knew exactly what was coming!

When I arrived in Lexington, Prince C and I just met at the movie theatre. The movie started at 740p and I didn't want to be late. We scarfed down dinner (taco bell) in the car and walked to the ticket window. "SOLD OUT". Well, needless to say I am a total whiner and was really upset that the night hadn't worked out as planned. We went home. I was still pouty.

We changed into comfy clothes, started some laundry, and settled in for a night of food network dvr. I was fiddling with my computer and C was doing the same. He has been talking for several weeks about starting his own blog. I have told him over and over that he is welcome to write on mine - but no, he wanted his own. So...he said he was completing his maiden post. Once he finished, he said "ok, it's posted - go read it".

C had been prepping me for this proposal - yes, I said proposal - for a while. Little did I know said blog was for diamond giving. Here's the link. It'll divulge a lot of info....


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