Wednesday, August 5, 2009

So irritated.

I cannot even begin to write a happy sappy new post about my love and my delightful life. I am so irritated these days. My job is seriously rubbing me the wrong way, it seems like all I am doing right now is waiting, then I come home from work to be with no one.

I love my dogs, I love my cats, I love my life...but all of it is annoying.

I have watched Meet Joe Black at least 20 times in the last 2 weeks and today I moved to The Family Stone. I will watch it 20 times too.

It's only 921p and it's almost dark. That means it'll be winter before I know it. I am just not a fan of getting up and going to work in the dark and returning from work in the dark. I am not a fan of seasonal depression.

Next week should be a big week. I am taking a day off and I have a doctor's appointment. Maybe she can cure the insufferable irritability and annoyance.

I am supposed to be putting the house on the market on Friday - but I haven't done shit. It feels like a bottomless pit. I need help and I don't have it. I need to move some things to the curb from the garage, but I can't lift heavy stuff.

On a slightly lighter note, I made watermelon lemonade and vegan meatball soup tonight. Both were good. I also worked on my craft room. Maybe tomorrow I can work more on that and feel some sense of accomplishment.


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