Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Don't call me "Crazy" in my house!

Geez, how to write this post? I need to vent about a situation, but it is just going to make me sound like a crazy, hormonal, pregnant girl...oh well, I do what I've gotta do for entertainment's sake.

>There are lots of exclaimation points.
>I am a crazy person.
>I hate bridal showers and baby showers....unless they are for my very closest close friends and, AND, they are super duper into it. I will play along....but I don't play along for myself, I do it for them.
>I am all for having a shower. One where everyone comes and they talk about having babies and loving babies and we eat delicious cake. A party were everyone enjoys themselves and there are no crazy games, over the top gifts, or fakey fakeness.

OK, on to the story.

So, last week I had a few friends over. 4 of them and their 2 kids. None of these things is a problem...I love babies and I love my friends and their husbands. I love happy people.

Fail #1: One of the wives sent her husband out to get beer. BEER! In a pregnant girl's house, a pregnant girl who loves beer, a pregnant girl who wasn't asked if it was OK to have beer in her house while she was pregnant. NOT OK. Please ask. If you are going to bring alcohol into my home, with your newborn child present, ask!! I have a huge issue with this. Then said husband asked me if I wanted a beer, um, no, I am almost 14 weeks pregnant. Wow. Now, yes, bestie's husband was also partaking in the beer that was purchased....but, he is practically related and I am around him all the time so he is cleared. AND, he wouldn't have purchased it and brought it to my house without asking permission. This is MY house.

Fail #2: Out of town friend (OOTF) said "Don't worry, you won't look pregnant on your wedding day, Just FAT." It was said in a way that makes me think that she honestly thought that was an OK thing to say. Then, she goes on about me wearing a non-traditional wedding dress - "Why don't you get a maternity dress?"... me: "Have you ever, EVER shopped for a maternity wedding dress? HIDEOUS."

Fail #3: OOTF asked to use my laptop. OK, no problem right? Yeah...except it was like 10pm and she proceeded to be online, and hour and a half! It is one thing to check an email or two, hop on facebook, and be done... Wham bam thank you ma'am... But, for real. It was uncool and it, in turn caused me to loose my cool shortly after.

Fail #4, #5, #6 etc (it's a coversation - try to follow me):
OOTF: Have you been to Buy Buy Baby?
Frootie!: Um, no.
OOTF: Why not?!?!? You are so missing out!!
Frootie!: Well, because I am only 14 weeks pregnant and....
OOTF: Oh, so you don't want to jinx it, I understand.
Frootie!: *steam coming from my ears* No, actually it is because I am too poor. I don't have the money to go into that place and get overwhelmed.
OOTF: Well, that is when you get to go crazy with 'the gun'.
Frootie!: Oh, no. That is not my style.
Frootie!: I don't want other people buying me things. I hate showers I don't want one. I am just not a fan of inviting people over to beg for gifts and then have to open them in front of said people and....OH MY GOD it is 11:30 at night. Why are we going into this? It is an hour and a half past my bedtime!!!! Please leave.
OOTF to bestie: She's crazy.

Now, I am totally irritated at myself for losing my cool like that, but, I had been saying all night that I had a big day at work the next day and I was yawning and it was just terrible. I honestly considered saying, "well, I'm going to bed now - let yourselves out". On the other hand, I am terribly sorry for losing my cool on OOTF - but we are all adults and she knew better. She was on vacation. I was not.


PS - all this whining is on behalf of OOTF and Husband - bestie and husband - no harm no foul. They did what they were supposed to do, i.e. Not leave me alone with OOTF because there may have been blood.

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