Thursday, September 24, 2009

Adult Fraternity Parties

Have you ever noticed how out of town meetings for work are almost like parties at the TKE house when you were in college?

Today I was in a 12 hour meeting. The meeting was informative and beneficial. And then came the booze. Yikes.

I just ate dinner with around 200 drunk people. A whole bunch of people who were away from their spouses and children so they acted (and still are) like fools. If I wasn't pregnant and could have had a couple glasses of wine I would have stayed and reported back on the madness. I am quite certain several bad decisions will be made tonight.

Apparently there was at least one made last night...Here is my reasoning: During the guest speaker's presentation he got warm and took off his jacket. He said "I'm just going to take a layer off" and then he nodded toward a gal in the crowd and said "you feel free too do it too". In a normal situation this would just be a normal ha ha BUT this gal happens to be the town tramp...she doesn't appear to be (ie she doesn't dress like a hooker AND she has a wedding ring) but she frequently makes bad choices on business trips... yikes.

Another reason out of town business meetings are like fraternity parties is because people dresses just a little beyond business professional. In other words, the girls from the office who would normally be in slouchy pants, shirts buttoned all the way up, little makeup, and a ponytail all of the sudden transform into supermodel fashionistas. Pants too tight, heels too high, and shirts cut too low.

Here is a list of the things I saw today:
  • fingernails that were 2 inches (at least) past the fingertip
  • hair that matched the outfit - maroon top/black pants and two-tone hair of the same color
  • black fingernails and too much eye makeup
  • green shirt, purple tie, grey pants (hideous) BUT he did have matching shoes and belt and the shoes were very stylish and professional
  • a heavy girl with a shaved head
  • a crazy tie - reminded me of a brightly colored track suit from the early 90s
  • lots of professionally dressed men and lots of women flirting their behinds off....
So, you ask...what was I wearing? A plain black suit, green mock turtleneck with a tie in the back, and plain black pumps. The only thing out of the ordinary I did was freshen my makeup before dinner AND the only reason I did that is because of the 13 year old boy who has taken over my face and given me lots of beautiful zits.


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