Friday, August 6, 2010

His ex's wedding day

Not sure what to think about this. It is like something that would happen in a movie and in the movie the bride would rush hopelessly back into the writer's arms. I hope that wasn't his intentions. If so, very selfish man. If not, very sweet. I haven't decided. What do you think? I mean -- in general all the things he says are true, sweet, kind, and wonderful -- but is it appropriate to write it on a webpage that his ex most likely frequents? Is is "okay" to publish it on her wedding day -- where she just might be reading it while getting her hair done and drinking a cup of coffee or a glass of mimosa? What if he had caused a romantic movie moment -- how many regrets would he have created??

How would you feel?

I have decided I would be flattered. Judging from my past I have no exes who would do something like this and judging from my present -- my husband is so perfect and wonderful and amazing, I'll never leave. He is stuck with me forever. Our life is just too good.


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