Monday, August 16, 2010

Life around here

My house is a pit. I really would like to hire a cleaning lady....have her come and do a pre-clean and then never schedule follow up cleaning. My 3 - count them - 3 vacuum cleaners are all acting up. My Oreck smells weird, my big Dyson and my little Dyson have rug beaters that don't spin. I know all of these things are fixable -- but I am frustrated about it. Our garage was a huge project that has completely fallen short. I really wanted it to be a space rather than a junk pile.

I really want to sell all my craft stuff. I don't have time to use it, nor do I like the mess it creates. How do I go about selling approximately 1000 rubber stamps, 50 stamp pads, and countless pieces of 12x12 paper?

I really hate skinny people who talk constantly about calories and what they can and cannot eat. Zip it skinny hooker.

My finger nails are gross. They keep peeling and breaking and my cuticles are red and dry.

I am whiny. I am complainy.

On Saturday I closed. We left for the lake as soon as I got home and it rained ALL THE WAY THERE. IT RAINED ALL NIGHT. Sunday was HOT. It was way too hot to spend much time outside except to SWIM. Did I mention that we drove all the way to the lake....and then just watched movies. Seriously. I loved seeing my parents and grandparents...but I wanted to SWIM. AND TAN.

Then tonight, I came home so excited to spend time with my little girl...and she was a beast. Just like her mother. Whine Whine Whine.


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