Monday, January 17, 2011


Yesterday I put one of my doggies to sleep. Poor Abbey. She is eight and a half years old and I adopted her back in 2006. RIP Abbey.

The photo above is an old one - but it was from a happy time for her.

Here are a couple of my favorite memories of that girl:

-One time my friend brought over her little girls, Korryn and Makayla. Mak had french fries from McD's with her. I had only had Abbey at that point for about 4 months and she had never been around kids with me. The people who were fostering her said she loved kids, but at the time I didn't have kids so it didn't really matter. Well, this day was her test, annnnd she was great! Absters cornered Mak in the kitchen and was begging gently for fries. Mak put them behind her back and Ab kept moving her head from side to side trying to get to Makayla's fries. Mak never surrendered and Abbey never got aggressive. It was a testament for her love for kids.

-One night there was a trip to Kabutos and a trip to Krispy Kreme. It was a normal Friday activity (no wonder I used to be, ahem, tubby). It was late when the donuts got home so they were just put on the counter and off to bed I went. The next morning when I went downstairs all that was left was a torn square of the KK box measuring about 4in x 4in. Abbey looked guilty.

-About a year after she was adopted she bloated. Thankfully she survived that with flying colors. That night was scary, fascinating, and cool all wrapped into one. The vet who did her operation was a friend. He let us be in the operating room with him. It was neat. People look at me like I am insane when I say that but it's true. The first man Abbey ever trusted, B, got to help. Dr Chad Hennessy asked B to glove up and hold open the incision while he worked on the bloat. I only watched, but I am glad I was there. It was quite a night! Chad saved Abbey's life.

-Another man Abbey loved was Uncle G. Mainly because he fed her table food and played in the water with her. Who knew that girl would love the water hose so much!?!

I feel really blessed that when Prince C came into my life that Abbey loved him and he allowed me to keep her around. She was a wonderful dog, although very vocal. She drove him bananas with all her barking and trashcan digging, but he liked her.

Be good in Heaven Abbey. I bet there you can bark a lot, chase kitties, and the trashcans will be filled with things you can enjoy. Say hi to everyone there. Nana kitty, Little One kitty, Kaiser, Kaileb, Buckie...everyone. I hope Kenny and Annie are around to toss a couple balls for you. I love you big girl. I will see you again in Heaven someday.


PS - I prayed last night that God would let me dream a few dreams about you here and there, you know, give me some insight on how things are in Heaven, no such luck last night....but I am hopeful. The dreams will come. I am certain.


metamorphosis&mac said...

:( A pet is like a part of one's family. Their lives are short, but they bring us more joy than they could possibly know. A loving bond is an eternal one. Wish you well.. :)

Ordinary Girl said...

This made me tear up. We got our Daisy in 2006 - she's going to be 6 next month. I can't imagine life without her.