Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Year.

Wow! It is 2011. I thought we would have flying cars by now.

Here is my resolution. This year, 2011, I will be awesome.

I will be awesome at work. I may not meet my quota every month, but I will get paid and I will help people and I will be a good employee for the company.

I will be awesome at home. I will be an awesome wife, mother, stepmother, and friend. I will try to be awesome at cleaning. I am fairly confident that I will fail at that but, oh well. I can be awesome in a semi-messy house. No problemo.

I will be an awesome amateur photographer. I will shoot more and be happier with what I shoot.

I will be awesome in bed. I will. The End.

I will be awesome in my faith. Church is a no-go for me pretty much, I don't feel like going and I know that is a total cop out, but I admit it. I don't go. I will read my daily devotional book and listen to Air1. I will be awesome at praying and awesome at giving all my cares to God. He is good in ALL ways and at ALL times.

I will be awesome at worrying less. If I give it all to God, then I need not worry.

I will be awesome at loving. I love everyone, or at least I say I do. I will work harder at loving EVERYONE.

I will be awesome at helping. I need to help more and be polite more. I will be awesome at that.

What are you up to this year?


The Johns Family said...

What is it about us Bellman girls and our inability to "be awesome" at cleaning?!? Sigh. I try to as well... but it seems I just can't keep up with the mess around this place. I'm with you on being awesome in a "semi-messy" house... though mine is usually just messy! HA! :)

A City Girl said...

Mine is sort of similar. Mine is to be a better Me. A better Wife, mother, friend, worker, eater, etc.