Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A couple opinions

If you are easy offended, go. Just go now, I am not here to hurt feelings or to offend, I just need to rant. Here goes.

Why are people so angry? Why are they so nosey? Why do people get so damn hateful over things that really just don't need hateful words? Geez-a-lou.

People are greedy and mean. Here are my thoughts on why people are they way they are:

-They are mad because they are ugly. I mean, I am not skinny...but not all skinny girls who workout a lot are pretty. Nuf Said.

-They need to get some action. Some sex. Good, dirty sex. They kind that makes you all tingly and glowy...the kind you think about for days afterward.

and lastly

-Maybe they just need a little Jesus. Maybe they need some of that too.

End Rant.


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The Johns Family said...

Love this! All of it!! :)