Wednesday, January 4, 2012

back to work today...

after 10+ weeks off. Ugh.

So far things are going smoothly, but the kids aren't awake yet. I have already cuddled the baby (he decided that between my first alarm and my snooze that he should be cuddled) showered, blown hair dry, put on my makeup, and pumped. Now on to packing Baby G's stuff for daycare and waking up Nora. Oh boy.

Perhaps once I am back to the swing of things I can blog more. Being off work with a newborn apparently is too much work for me. Haha. I have no excuse other than pure adoration of my new baby and my toddler -- well -- and laziness for why NOTHING got done over the past almost 11 weeks. Oh well.

Have a great day - week - month - whatever - until I blog again.


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