Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Ten on Tues

1. Yesterday was Pie day! I announced it at work and my goobery asst manager said, "I'm wearing a Tie!" Pie day. Sigh. Giggle. Today is Peanut Butter day btw. I had a PBandH sandwich for my LATE dinner.

2. Nora has decided she doesn't want to wear pajamas. Or clothes really. She is almost always naked with a dipee in the morning and is constantly yanking at her shirts saying "off off!" Stripper. At least she has ambition.

3. Graham is a wonderful little nursling. Why couldn't Nora have nursed so easily and harmoniously? He just nurses and smiles and holds my finger. It is probably the most wonderful thing in my life that is quiet and relaxing. (Nora being the most wonderful thing that is loud and adorable and her daddy being the most wonderful thing that is insane and lovable oh yes, and Ella being the most wonderful sassy pants).

4. My team at work is finally meshing. I like that. Less stress for sure.

5. On Feb 4th I am going to paint a picture! Paint - like an artist! I can't wait! With Hil and TLo. Girl time, squeeeee!

6. I just realized I got honey on my sheets. sticky.

7. How much HGTV is healthy for a normal human being? Oh, so little? Yikes! Good thing, I AM NOT NORMAL.

8. I LOVE the show Revenge. Do you watch it? Doesn't it make you want to be rich and wear super fancy clothes? I would just want to be nice so Emily didn't feel the need to do nasty things to my family.

9. I sometimes wonder if my house will ever be organized and clutter free... I dream of a someday when it is. Annnnnd, then I am saddened realizing that I will be old and my babies will be grown when it probably happens.

10. I wish I could come up with something similar to FreeKaren -- anyone other than me remember that? FreeKaren, she was overloaded with credit card debt and she made a webpage where people donated to her and she listed all sorts of sh--CRAP on eBay and got herself out of debt fast. I need that. I also need my lawyer to get my lazy, fat ex to pay the money detailed in the divorce decree. Geezalou!

Life is good with us. How is it with you?



A City Girl said...

Things are good here too. We love Revenge it is an awesome show, so many twist and turns. Love it! Justified is our favorite show though.

So this will sound redneck, but did you ever hear about my hubby hitting your ex in the face at basketball while at church? #10 made me think about that. oh the good'ole days.

Frootie! said...

We LOVE Justified too. We haven't watched any of it this season but we have it DVR'd.

The hitting in the face story -- old or new? I remember it from a long time ago. He deserved it then and now. haha!

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