Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Saying Goodbye

Today we said goodbye to a wonderful man. I am going to miss him so much. I wasn't a great grand-daughter lately, admittedly. I live so close and I have been *too busy* to visit enough. I wish I could go back and change that. Instead I have to hold my memories tight.

My Papaw Ray married my Nannie when I was 4ish. I don't remember a time in my life without him. Their wedding night he built me a tent instead of spending it with his new sweet wife because I wanted to stay with them and then I was sick all night. Go figure. He worked for Armored Car here in Lexington and I remember going to the headquarters where his office was and there was money stacked all over. It was so cool.

Every summer I spent a week with he and my Nannie down at Lake Cumberland. We bathed in the lake, boated (he let me drive), we stayed up late, and everyday he wrote me a love letter before he went to work. As far as I know, he wrote Nannie or Miss E as he called her, a love note everyday. I hope to someday get my hands on them. His handwriting was beautiful.

He was a Marine. Everyday he was a Marine. An member of the NRA and a lover and fearer of our God.

He loved me so much. He as a dream of a Grandpa. He was everything I could have wished for as a role model and friend.

In October we had a son. He carries on Papaw Ray's name as a middle name. I am so thankful that Graham Raymond Davis got to meet his great grandfather. I am so saddened that he won't get to shoot guns with him or hear about how much Jesus loves him from my Grandfather's mouth. Ray loved our Lord. I can't say that enough. God and Miss E. God, Miss E, and Me. God and Family. Times a thousand.

He will be missed. Everytime I look at my son now, I feel his namesake over my shoulder.

Little Cracker. You have a really cool guardian angel.


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Alisha Ritchie said...

What a beautiful eulogy for your grandfather. Don't feel bad about being a "bad granddaughter lately" I am sure he never saw you as that at all. I know when I lost my grandfather I felt the same way. I had not spent enough time with him in his last couple years..but I loved him and knew he loved me as well.

-Random blog viewer; Alisha