Wednesday, June 19, 2013

One month until I'm 32

I'd like to say I can commit to blogging everyday tip my 32nd... But I can not commit to anything other than my husband and my kids. Man I love those people.  

Nora. You are so rotten and crazy and moody and angry. And sweet and lovable. All at once. You hate bedtime. Why? Sleep is great!

Ella. You are starting to be a big girl. You are getting so good at taking care of yourself and at being a big sister for your siblings. That's awesome. You are still quite messy. We need to work on that. 

Graham. You are so sweet. Every bit of you. Those blue eyes and your silly grunts get me every time. You are really starting to talk and I love hearing you yell "Mamo" and "Papa" and "Meee".

Clinton. I love you. No one is perfect.  Together I think we are. 


1 of 30 (we'll how it goes) 

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