Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Asparagus tacos

Last night I came home and clinton had cooked up 2 chicken boobs, 4 chicken legs, and a steak. The intention was for the fam to have fajitas and for me to have something of the like with beans rather than meat...  Anywayz. I was too gassy to add more beans, tmi I know but! such is the truth when you eat as many beans as I do. 

Back to the point- I saw asparagus in the fridge and viola! 

I sautéed the asparagus with evoo and added a dash of zesty lemon seasoning with full in plans to just eat it all like that and then my ever so brilliant husband said, "we are having fajitas! Put that crap in a tortilla and join us!" 

6 asparagus spears
Sprinkle with cheese shred
A little sour cream if ya dig 
And of course
A package of Taco Bell hot sauce 
Wrap in flour tortilla - the small one 

Holy moly. Sounds was so so so good!  I ate all of the things! 

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