Tuesday, November 26, 2013


I have lost some memories. Sigh. It scares me. I'm not sure if it's just because I'm moving too fast thru life or if I have a problem. 

I am pulling some memories back by thinking hard but here's the story: a few weeks backtracked here was a question raised about who/when/how we celebrated Christmas last year and I said, "everyone came to the house and we went to my favorite restaurant for lunch!"  Nope. Wrong. That was 2011. Sigh. So I think about it. I

I can't easily recall my holiday season from last year. 

Thanksgiving. Now that I have though about it, we went to Prince C's boss' house. I worked all weekend after.... I don't remember how busy we were or what schedule I worked. Hmmmm.  

Christmas. The kids had matching pjs. Black with santas all over. I remember taking them to see Santa. It was unseasonable warm. Neither of them had socks on. We went to dad's - I don't recall many details. Except, laughing at Nora because she announced that boys have wieners at the dinner table. We went to Christmas Eve service but left early because the kids were rowdy. Christmas morning. I don't remember what I bought my own children. My parents came and went. We went to Chinese buffet for late lunch. Hmmm. 

What's wrong with me? 

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