Tuesday, November 26, 2013

My child doesn't sleep

Nora doesn't sleep.  If she naps AT ALL during the day, she doesn't feel he need to sleep at night. 

Yesterday she told Mamo she wanted to come home. At 6p they headed out and drove to meet me at work. Nora fell asleep in the car around 730p and was woken up around 8p when they arrived. A half am hour...nbd right?  Wrong!  Child was up til 330a this morning!! 

My daycare lady said she thinks Nora is over stimulated...maybe she is. But more than anything, the kid just doesn't need a lot of sleep. She is much like her father that way. If he naps at all he will be all psycho insominiac all night. 

Gah. Don't know what to do with it. 


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