Monday, December 8, 2008

Christmas Email to Mrs. Claus and Response

Christmas List Email to Mrs. Claus:

Dear Santa,
I have been kinda bad this year.  I hope I can still have presents.
Here's my list:
  • Canon EOS 50d with the 28-135mm lens
  • A few Marriott rewards points
  • Wool Socks from Sam's.  You know the ones I like.  I will have to remember to roll them so that the cute boyfriend doesn't have an aneurysm.
  • A new charger for my old G4.  Abbey broke mine 2 years ago and I am thinking the duct tape fix might not work much longer.
  • A cruise for 2.  Santa you can go with me, I guess...but I would rather take that cute boyfriend of mine.  (totally a joke) but maybe since Mama Norma is wanting to get her passport - we can all go!
  • Gift card to Sushi on the Rocks downtown...if we can't go on a cruise...we can eat sushi.  It's just as good.
Dori and Abbey have been pretty good - except for that whole Rabbit thing....
They would like:
  • Puppy Cookies
  • a new jar of Skippy All Natural peanut butter - one they don't have to share with Mom.
  • North Pole ice cubes
  • New Kong toys
  • An Elf

Mrs. Claus's Response:

Dear Miss Frootie!,

I will get your list over to our evaluation team, they will check the list to see how bad you have been.  If you rank in the category of "Bad", your list will be rejected and will not make it over for Santa to view.  However, I find it hard to believe you would fall into the "Bad" category.  I have pulled your file and it shows you in the "Perfect Angel" category...I am sure Santa will be reviewing your list shortly.  I do see a post-it note here referencing that really cute boy you're hanging out with...Oh my...What are you and that boy doing...I need to talk to the Elves...I don't think they should put this kind of thing in know what...I don't think Santa should see this...there is no way I could do that...Oh naughty little better be good...Santa's watching you...

Dori and Abbey,
You have been very good puppies...Santa will bring you lots of treats!  Your mom is on the "Watch that Girl List"...Maybe you all should go with her when she leaves the house to ensure she stays out of trouble.

Mrs.  Claus

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