Tuesday, April 28, 2009

10 on Tuesday - Michigan Edition

I am in Michigan for work this week.  Here are my 10 random thoughts.

10.  C is keeping the dogs for me.  I hope it isn't a deal breaker.
9.  I have tv this week!  Holy crap.  Yesterday I watched House and some show I've never seen before. This morning I watched the today show!!!  and tonight I am watching Sydney White on HBO Family.  
8.  My boss is a hugger.  There was some concern that I may have attack hugged her last time I was here.
7.  I wish I had brought my swimsuit for hot tub time.  But, alas.
6.  I hope to get up at least once to eat free breakfast here at the hotel. Hopefully they have good coffee!
5.  I bought a totally unnecessary magazine on Monday.  Real Simple Weddings 2009.  Bad Bad girl.
4.  I went to IKEA today.  It was a really fun trip.  I got to wander around and look at everything I wanted.
3.  I am trying to drink lots of water this week....  And then White Castle has Wild Cherry Fanta Slushies.  Why, White Castle, Why?
2.  I have a king size bed at the hotel.  woohoo!  Too bad I am alone.
1.  I Love Him.


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