Thursday, April 16, 2009

Luckiest Girl(s) Ever

Long ago in a far away land there was a lovely princess named Raquel.  Raquel was not a typical princessy-princess with the pink and the sparkles and the glass slippers, but she was a princess nonetheless.  She was blessed with the best prince ever, his name was Jefe.  

Her friend Frootie! wasn't sure at first.  She had a hard time liking this prince.  He was too sweet, too nice, and too nerdy.  He was smart and clever and funny.  Seriously...there HAD to be something wrong with him.    One day Raquel told Frootie! that she and Jefe had broken up.  Frootie! was delighted.  She couldn't be happier that this smart, clever, and funny prince was O-U-T.  

You see, Frootie!  was in a relationship.  One from high school - all thru college - and well, in general a real marathon of a relationship - it had long since gone stale.  She had no idea that what you want in a Prince is someone who makes you laugh by being funny, not rude.  Someone who genuinely cares for others, who she could grow old with and sit with on the porch of the castle and look out over her kingdom with.  This was not what she had - so she assumed that those who did were wrong, and probably retarded.  

Well, as it turns out Raquel knew that Jefe was the one.  She just needed a little time away from him to realize that her life was much better with him around.  In order to rush thru to the "Happily Ever After" part - long story short Raquel and Jefe were married in a beautiful ceremony in October of 2006 and they did just that.  They now have a lovely little baby Princess named Heleena and have just purchased their very own castle with a kingdom to look out over.  *sigh*

Frootie! also came to her senses and began to understand the appeal to Jefe.  He was funny.  He was just a wonderful man to have around, always willing to help or to lend an ear or to send some merriment to those in need.  Frootie! realized that Raquel was right...and Frootie! was wrong, and probably retarded.

Now, on to another "once upon a time" situation -- Not so long ago and not so far away, ahem, in reality about 8 months ago and right exactly where Frootie! sits her prince charming came along.  Has she ever told the story of how she met her prince?  (Gosh, she'll have to check the archives....Ha!  She never has...).  Last summer Frootie! made a trip south.  A trip all the way down to Georgia to see two lovely people get married.  Little did she know at the time - her prince charming was the Best Man at the wedding.  Best Man, is the perfect definition for him.  C, oh how I adore thee.  C and Frootie! were introduced at the wedding and that is where their happily ever after began. 

Prince C and Princess Frootie!'s love grew very fast.  Frootie! knew that he was the one very very quickly.  She also knew that he could very easily break her royal heart.  She tried to play it cool.  It didn't work.  After a date and a few weekends together she was hooked.  He had worked his magic on her.  He was sweet.  He said good morning every morning via text.  The first weekend they spent together he was the perfect gentleman.  He cooked her breakfast.  He let her use the remote.  He held her while she slept.  Frootie! knew that she was in love with him when she realized she never ever had to be someone that she wasn't.  He made her laugh.  And, he reads.  He loves to read just like she does.   They are perfect for each other.  It is natural and easy for them when they are together.  It is true love.  

Princess Frootie! and Princess Turkey are the luckiest girls to have Prince C as their very own.  He is the best and most perfect boyfriend and daddy any girl could ask for.  Queen Raquel and Princessa Heleena are on the same royal ship.  King Jefe is pretty damn amazing, too.  Lucky, lucky ladies.

I wish everyone could know the love that we 4 girls know.  


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The Shaw's said...

Great story, but I say... "lucky men" =)