Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Cable Free

Being cable free is really pretty awesome.  I watch television a lot.  Well, watched, now I only watch tv at C's on the weekend and very rarely I turn on the tv in the bedroom to check the weather while I am getting ready in the morning.  My house is quieter and I have to use my imagination more.  This leads to several things:
  • More (than usual) dirty, dirty sex thoughts
  • Overuse of bbm on my crackberry
  • Too much facebook
  • Too much blog stalking of awesome photographers like:  Jessica Claire, Micheal Norwood, Victor Sizemore, Erin Cobb, Angela Crutcher, and Melissa ?.
  • Lots of day dreaming and talking inside my planning, baby planning, going on and on and on about the future and how much I can't wait to be in Kentucky for the rest of my life with the man that I love...
Oh well...  that is all on this topic for now.  

I have finally broken free of the block.  Thanks to C and his random bbms - I have a few new ideas!


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