Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Blahs

Today I am feeling the blahs.  I equate the blahs to loneliness.  

Monday I got in a huge argument with my mom.  I was over at her house giving her a few photos I printed out for Uncle G.  We were chatting and she said something borderline mean about my girlfriends so I responded, "Wow, it really seems like as of late you are discounting my friends a lot..." and left it at that.  Well, I left her house and got on the road to head to Seymour for work and she called me...  She wanted to know what I meant about that statement.  So I told her, "you have just been making comments to me about my friends that aren't nice and it upsets me." Her response was crazy "fine you don't have to talk to me about them anymore".  Well long story short we rolled from this to how she isn't supporting me in the divorce and she is being cold shouldered and kinda taking B's side - as if he deserves that.  She didn't support me for 8 months when I was trying to make things work and now that I know for sure I want to divorce him, she isn't supporting me there either.  I ended up hanging up on her and I haven't talked to her since.  

Why can't she just be happy that I am happy and that I am no longer in a horrible marriage?  Why on earth would MY MOTHER ever say to me that she wants me to forgive him and forget what he did and move on with life?  Why would she want me to stay married to him?

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