Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Wonderful Wednesday

So, yesterday I totally planned on doing a 10 on Tuesday post.  Haha!  That didn't happen.  So - here's a 10 on Weds.

10.  I really like being friends with my ex.  It keeps things semi-normal but also proves to us that we just were doomed from the start.

9.  The ex mowed my yard for me yesterday.  I was having a guest and was in a panic - he called (I am yet to figure out why) and I asked - he came thru.  

8.  I have to go to Michigan today - and I don't have anyone to watch my pups.  I know people do it all the time - but I don't!! - I am going to leave them out in the backyard.  I will be home asap tomorrow....

7.  I made swordfish steaks last night for dinner.  They were pretty good.  Go me!

6.  I made sweetened ricotta for dessert last night.  It was good as always.

5.  I found a new great show called Million Dollar Listing last night.  It was enjoyable.  3 young Realtors out in Malibu.  Super.

4.  I am going to the lake again this weekend - my new friend is coming too.  We are tent camping this time around.  It will be eventful - I am sure.

3.  The tent will probably shake more than the pop-up did last weekend.

2.  I have the best life right now.  All is well.

1.  Grown-up sleepovers with clothing optional rules are fun.


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