Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Life story chapter 2

Summer 2001
We were pals.  Our schedule was great then.  I volunteered to work as much as I could after Summer School.  The store was only open from 9-6 during the week and 10-4 on Saturdays.  Anywho.  The money was great compared to working at the candy store.  I had seemingly unlimited funds.  I learned that she and I worked in the same mall before this job, but we never met.  

I got to meet her husband and some other members of her family that summer at cookouts.  Her little girl was really cute.  And really shy.  She took after her daddy.  The husband.  D - he was cute.  Shy, quiet, and awkward.  He was a very picky eater and he worked at a factory.  He is still all those things.  She treated him like a steak.  She would make him spin so she could show off his butt to her friends...she would tell people to grab it if they wanted to.  He was painfully shy - poor guy, I am not sure how he took that punishment.  It was a good thing he was so shy and awkward though, because even if he wanted to, he couldn't get a word in.  She talked to damn much.  And, she was too damn nice to everyone.  Too nice.  I should have judged her for that. 

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